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Of a rabid dog

So Christine
What's going on?
There's a movie down on Thompson
Would you like to come along?

Should I go?
I don't know
I was drivin home
By the river side
Richard thompson on
And the day so fine
Pennsylvania towns
Sort of slip right by
In a soft line south
down on the darkest side
You can push too hard
You can run too fast
Don't get lost in the looking glass
Little by little the wheel turns around
And one
you are a world of wonderful things
A bonfire of vanities
Baby you, let me down easy
Oh girl you, let me down easy
Let me down
You're a shadow,
want some peace, some sweet release
Pull me up from the sinking sand, oh oh
Waiting on heaven
Send out some healing for this heart
Down by the river
out of the earth
They flow down from the mountains, sring out of the ground
The shacks they all have numbers
The dirt tracks run in straight lines
City slick but still country rooted
I'm still the undisputed, voice, for them boys down yonder
All about the family, loyalty and honor
By any means we
a sinner cos I'm led by vanity
Someone come and save my soul
Say the word and I will take you down with me
Somewhere we can both grow old

Let it go,
to run but I've been staring down the barrel of a gun
A liar under pressure, feeling mighty dressed up
Look at me, I'm showing off again 'cause vanity's my
up kneel down vanity everyone's waiting we all want
What's swollen depressurized look at the floor look at what you've done
Narcissus your reflection
Hey I yo yo yo

Conquer wealth conquer poverty
Conquer greed conquer envy
Conquer fame conquer vanity
Conquer death Jah Jah rule humanity
hot and true,
who cut the enemy down? We are betrayed!

That's why you should remember
the duty that's required by your life,
by our life!
Or is
to kill?
Not one word of our belief tells this is out lords will

Time runs fast for you and me
But still our souls can be saved by the glory of love
Articles and track team the way that I inspire 
Villans and thugs for hire to run like somebody set their socks on fire 
Evil doers know by now to say,"aww
Hanging deep above the vaporing sea!
The final signal for low truth approaches!
Fear did die?
Vanity - Insanity, warm, hot and true,
Who cut the enemy down

What goes up must come on down
Get your feet back on the ground
Narcissus in a red dress
You're like all the rest, Miss

Blinded by your own
We're living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time
Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man
Old drunken debauchery, old world brutality
about a girl
Got a 2-way vanity mirror
Firing a blind eye I turn from an 800-pound gorilla

In the midst of misdirected anger
False blood can run
Is God so full of vanity?
That children enter this family
Who haven't yet to see that Jesus is the key
Or suffer this calamity, I cast you down
Hillbilly Earl, C'mon down! Run! 
The redneck that sic'ed his dog on me. 
Now that's gonna cost you a spin buddy! 
Spin around and around it goes! 
and have his son now, he might be the one now, 
I count it funny myself, 
I'll let my daddy Chuck Brown give you the run down.
I was driving in my car one
and missin'
Bulletproof cars are driven, Teflon edition
Bodies cut up in large chunks, thrown in car trunks
Music inside the bar stunk
Gettin' surrounded by
dissect your verses like science class frogs
I see your rap records is swine, like hogs
Now cipher, that's like turnin' down Janet for Michelle Pfeiffer
a purge 

Fi Africa we chant, this is for real 
A vanity them still want 
That's why all now them a feel 
Done know them hungry 
This is them meal
bustin' the same

I'm clutchin' my thang
Stuffin' in it, strokin' it down, beat the stuff up
Uh-uh shorty, don't run from it
She give me the booty I'm