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Snuff the punk
I'm gettin' tired of you chump
Bass in your face
You'll get a taste fo the P.O.D. funk
When I say punk or chump I don't mean you
Jak bardzo wiele mamy lat 
Pod tą leszczyną. Pod tą leszczyną. 
Ciągłością umęczony świat 
I czyją winą? Czyją winą? 

Tak w siebie zapatrzeni
All the oxygen has run out 
And someone who will not be named 
Accidentally hit self-destruct 

As you file to your escape pods 
Blizzards reign the fires by
The pod their cold heat set ablaze my
Burning soul embodiment at least
A fear rises the storm clams the choirs
Surrounded by the angels of God
Step to the realm where evil reigns
We are soldiers prepared for war
With the power to speak his name
Satan with his legion
not do or say
But I'm driven by a passion
Is it only there to tame?
It fills my heart and it calls my name and
This world that you made for us
If you're dead make a sound
I can put my ear to the ground
And sing a long now
Sing a long now

We were peas in a pod
Gotta thank almighty god
There ain't nothing that can't be done
By me and God
Ain't nobody come in between me and God
One day we'll live together
Where the angels trod
Distant country
My share of the estate

Is filled with
Pig pods

No longer worthy
To be called your son
But papa runs to me

And in
best friend 
I can tell by the wind somebody's gettin' ready to bend 
They lifestyle's bout to end 
I'm in these African cabs on stores run by
Przychodzi czasami do głowy
Ta myśl
Że można by tak zacząć
Inaczej żyć
Mieć chęć do pracy
I żyć inaczej
I lepiej niż dotąd, kto wie,
Kto wie?
it breathes?

I find greatness in the tree, that grows against all odds
It blossoms in darkness, and gives birth to promising pods
I was that tree
Me and my, me and my, me and my,
Me and my, me and my friends
Like two sweet peas
In an even sweeter pod
That's my friend
And my friends named
[Dogs barking] 
there they are
Shit..come on nigga come on
nigga run for it nigga make..
Freeze motherfucker!
As the couples go parading by on a sunday stroll
All they talk about what makes loves `tisn´t like it´s told
Cause they don´t match up like salt
where you are?
You can escape this, by someone else
Your lover?

Run to me, run to me
My special one, run to me
Run to me, run to me
My lover strange
Orbiting pods, underwater domes 
We fill our tanks with oxygen to step outside our homes
Once it was hard, now it's just routine
And I can't tell
On this lost city of Mars
Have grown alone
Among glass and stolen cars
The pylons hum
Geckos run
Conveyor belts hum
Stars tumble
To the foot
are the liiiight 
The calm in the day

Senior year abroad I ripped 
The pea out of the pod
In store for three months 
Of exile in spain
Where was
run, rabbit, run.
Run rabbit - run rabbit 

Run! Run! Run!
Don't give the farmer his fun! 
Fun! Fun!
He'll get by without his rabbit pie

So run
, run away

The world is too obsessed
By the continual quest
For the fountain of youth
They will never find

And time is the avenger
But why
Love is mind games
Love is mind games

She complains, you listen nice
Then get's P.O.'d by your advice
She waits until it's time for bed
brought me here,
Droppin' piece to the double glock
Ready when the trouble knocks pop pop ya pistol now,
If a nigga want to run up gun up
Put him
[Verse 1]
I'm hot enough to make your skin bubble
Packin a Smith & Wesson
Uh oh, trouble, don't say nothin
You can tell that I'm evil
Let's all get lifted  
Split the swisher, quickly twist us up a fatty  
Now, I've been smokin' out all day long, 
P.O.'d in the back of Krayzie's