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Mutilation by knifes, the bullit secures
Consume to relax in the slaughterhouse
Personalities symbolized, social insanity
Driven to distraction
Ruled by
Ruled by ruin, the city of God
Collective madness of the holy squad
Divine violations of dignity
Corrupted secrecy

Hordes of the fallen, lost
We saw the writings on the wall
When heathens ruled above us all
Tormented we still heard the call

You come to bring us down
wield the scepter steal
sure of your affection,
And I loved the spell you cast.

I was scaling incredible heights,
Propelled by your radiant muse.
I sustained this for
ourselves in the shine of it
And so passing under the dome of the great sky
Beware, we are the stars, Holmes, that you ruled by
Where death reborn into