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delight, I've known disaster
The caviar, the humble pie
From the absurd to the sublime
I didn't see the time go by

I didn't see the years roll on
Oh what a lovely day to have a slice of humble pie
Recalling of the while we used to drive and drive here and there
Going nowhere but for us, nowhere
I got a hole in my pocket
And nothing coming down my leg
Thinkin' about my home

I got a box in my socket
The extra E is tellin' me
I never
There's holes inside your sweatshirt
Through your apparel, through your blood, through your bone marrow
Precise with this mic device, slice your pie like
movin' like a criminal is what I try

But you live by the roads, by the roadside you die
In every situation make man humble like pie
I've never had love
fuck up us by them thug life control 
How should the thugster 
Must be in the area 
Outlaw does the law 
Dept on the gangsta 
When's Ital Joe
To the skit, on the D&D-project, blew the shit out

By accident, we do some shit on the mic
That a kid is convicted in Interstate, trapped again
Situations made my trife, should you depend upon the streets?
It's Hell in these days that we live in

[Chorus x2]

Two kids fought in