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All those years are passed by and lost
And I don't want to remember again
Faces and memories, stars without life
Like absent shadows or vain empty
By tomorrow i'll be cold
(push it all away,so cold)
Now i'm hollow and alone
Take the shadow 
Almost gone

(raise the stakes what have we got
is not just
Another ordinary rapper, I'm the crown royal block
With a velvet bag, matter of fact, and since the swagger is back
And backed by
the blood red dawn.

I've buried men before their time
Of alcohol and blackened lung
But how to bury seven of these
Appalachian miners sons.
Who stormed
a job, feed the world, choose a god

Is there something I should know now
To make it work tomorrow
Cause it's night and I fear the wolf
He says one
conscious and ease,
Spilling the blood of the young and the old,
Slaughtered and scattered the end is imposed
Doomed by the rage of his grace,
be like 'Boyz N Hood', affiliated by my brothers
Worship higher powers, folks impoverished, drinking from the chalice
So they say it's his blood, be
I am ready for tomorrow,
In your name we'll fight my lord
Your bloody war, waiting for
Another chance to waste them

Other deaths to honour your
All our visions of sweet tomorrow
Is cracking and fading away.
Hopes of glory are drowned in sorrow
This dissension expels us to yesterday.
Tomorrow we'll wake up in time to stop this double suicide through kisses laced with cyanide 
And one last look through blood shot eyes. 
I guess this is
wave hand
And not wave hand like it's a heat wave
So you make a fan by waving your hand
I'm talking wave like you saying "hey"
Man, and not hay for
the choking and crying land
Bury the bones in the common land immersed in thesis
Be burdened by depression
The gritty tsunami takes me away and I smile with
I'm Dana Dane
Put a patch over your eye, fuck with my petty change
Fuck what you heard, for that bird I'm a dirty nigga
Laid to rest by the one you
knew this chick named Gina drove a royal blue beamer
Holdin' 2 chrome ninas fucking baby like Nadina
Wore corn braids, I used to hit it back in the days
to rest by the one you thought was workin' with yah
War ready, the game just wanna take my life
War ready, pussy boy we all could die tonight
War ready,
I just salute real niggas when I pass through

Niggas is very hungry for that bank robbery
Bury money, trying to get to a Benz from a Hyundai
the place you buy your jewelry from
Funeral fab, I'm just here to bury them

Reporting live from the beacon
Booth tired from the beatin'
Had foreplay all
'Cause that royal blue blood in my veins, I'm a king
Indigo, yeah my soul be foreign
My flows be scorchin', caution
Often I stunt like Austin, no flossin'
Cause that royal blue blood in my veins, I'm a king
Indigo, yeah my soul be foreign
My flows be scorchin', c-caution
Often I stun like Austin, no flossin'

"everything happens for a reason. 
i promise to never get paint on my glasses again. 
"you can't rip art 'cause it's just art." 
the blood