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Red Sovine
Waylon Jenings, Merle Haggerd, Patsy Cline
George Jones and Tammy and a great pair of Judds
And Hank Jr. sang with Sr. on an overdub
tip your hat to the teacher

Ernest Tubb - Waltz Across Texas; George Jones - White Lightning; Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight; Tammy Wynette -
Just like George Jones and one of his gold plated chrome tin microphones
Well the only time that I ever got booed is when I busted a rap by the 2 Live
with the Stones
Once He even opened up a three-way package
In Southern California for old George Jones


The years went by like sweet
with Jimmy Mathis and he got a plan
And when he talk I listen to him, that's a lot of man (pops!)
He said we need to take it back to the root of it
I put
y'all are locked in the cellar
Ain't sayin shit like a Helen Keller acapella
And we originated "Root Beers" for ya frigid air
[So emcees had to get