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she was third row center coolin'
She was cold

Last note of the last song
House lights up they came on
When I looked she was gone
It was a 3rd row
It was a 3rd row heartbreak

People think our life is easy
'Cause they think we've got it made
But we're living underpressure
Just to be
Now by the 3rd verse it's way hotter
We wide open she dropped it down low
With her hips and her thighs rolling I noticed
That can't nobody do it
to serve shake, now I serve steaks
Three squares on the road, call it 3rd Bass
Big ass face, chop you in your laugh face
Shoot his ass, aim defense is
When I let my 3rd eye exaggerate
Freaky visions, I tell you what I see
Cold concrete scattered with dry leaves
You naked lying on the pavement
distracted by the graphs.
In the resource room Mrs. Petorsky re-enforced me:

Raisins from her zip-lock bag,
And free time after my target behavior I was