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There's nothin' left to say
My father has departed
My mothers gone to pray

There's rockets in the meadows
And ships out on the sea
The answers in
"mm-hmm, gimme some"
Rocket shit, that rocket ship don't stop til I'm done

She want that ghetto, ghetto, and I got that ghetto
Ghetto, ghetto,
Jump in my rocket to the moon, spark an L and just chill
I got on stocks and bonds kid just because I want em
And billion dollar businesses with
lost their way thirty tsunamis
Knocked from the force of thirty-two armies

Apocalypse is coming rocket ships are humming
Gangster motherfuckers who
breakfast on the terrace. Hash browns and peril. Old ironsides or good ship lolli-popper, Davy Jones still got a locker, ak, the opera's more than docs
with wet matches and bottle rockets
While cop walkie talkies walk outside my apartment obnoxious
Tonight's special consists of stale fiber from shitty