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like they don't know.
I poison this track with a Scorpion flow.

Because I rock the mike like a hurricane.
Because I rock the mike like a hurricane
to live a lie

Tell me would you kill to save a life
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right
Crash crash
Burn let it all burn
This hurricane's
But it's not gonna matter

The lines are all down from a hurricane
They should have named after you
Maybe I should get a Scorpions ring tone
(Dickie Peterson)

Took a walk down by the industrial park
You know the night was dark
I heard the guard dog bark
I turned around
know the pain
Yo, imagine if your life was like a hurricane, a hurricane
Forever, imagine your locked down forever
Could ya'll stand the weather?
Pulling off licks and bending those strings
Playing to the rhythm of the south band train
Notes flying off his fingers like a hurricane
Couldn't see
Like a ton of bricks now are you
Ready to be crushed
By the sledge of rock

By the sledge of rock (rock!)
I just can't seem to get enough
the talking leaf
And you better believe
That he speaks his beliefs
Like a rock that bleeds
A sea of grief

My talking leaf speaks of
A wounded knee creek
Be-boys rock the world
Be-girls they don't stop
So listen to supernat as I bust through the track
Imma give you some real hip hop
We gonna talk about
For the sun and the rain
We can live a life
Like a hurricane
On a mountain top
Or right by the sea
As long as we're together
It don't matter to me
those about to rock, we salute you

We rock at dawn, like a hurricane
Like a bolt right out of the blue
The sky's alight with the guitar _pain/bite_
Ohmega watts mega mix, butter milk biscuits for your boombox
old school like tube socks
smooth like a butterfly, sting like a scorpion
how you
don't like my style
So I don't give a WHAT, 'cause you bring the beef, and the Rock
All the Rock buck you one time, so cover you by the loggins
Machete I
feel like we were one. You see the El Mariel boatlift, Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma bombings, we all got something in common and that?s the desire
name is Betty Ford and she's an alcoholic
So here I am Rock Me Like A Hurricane
Not a Scorpion but my sting will bring your dame a lot of pain
planted long ago
Still yield a better harvest 
Than the rock was prone to grow

Say what you like to, do what you do
Everyone's sleeping now two by two
There she goes looking like a star
With her body shaped like a rock guitar
There she goes like a shooting star
Make you wanna play
Makes all the boys
(watch out!) 
A new era!
If you don't know your bitch ass better (watch out!) ask somebody! Shoot em up! 

The Hurricane G is live and in color (watch
If Peter Piper pecked em
I bet you Biggie bust em
He probably tried to fuck him
I told him not to trust him
Lyrically I dust em off like Pledge
And if live like the gold fiend then you'd do what they do
I'm on my own limits sold buck words
All alone in the ghetto, deep in weed, sweat in Jelly
like that, live like that
Just another voice in the wilderness

Stick with me forever
Cross my heart and hope to die
You should give me everything
the Hurricane Carter rising

From out the south water, like torrential rains
In the ring no opponent escaped unscathed
You can't believe the world we live
loose hangin' just as tight
Well there's something like a hurricane who's dancin' with the kite

Live fast, die young 
Bull rider

Well the rodeo is
Hit hard like sledge-hammers, bitch with that platinum grammer
I am a diamond cluster hustler
Queen bitch, supreme bitch
Kill a nigga for my nigga by
Can't get by me
Come under my love
Feel the energy
Let go
Lay your burdens down

I am your shelter
You're safe from harm
Tornado, lightening,