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In the light of the night
Trying hard to forget
All the cries and the lies
Of the people she met

Hypnotized by the sight
That you're seeing and yet
we intend to bring into existence,
 by any means necessary!"

Alright, let's start some mo' (shit)
Straight up on the movement tip
with forces strong
This is how we rock. yeah.
This is our revolution. yeah.
This is not noise.
This is the sound we want.
This is the movement.
This is the sound
like this?
Who can rock a rhyme like this?
Step, step up, step, step up, step up

After years of pain staking research
By the world's leading sound
Yes that's right, punk is dead,
It's just another cheap product for the consumers head.
Bubblegum rock on plastic transistors,
Schoolboy sedition
on a roll
Public cause this party going on the road
And if you crave sex, drugs and rock'n'roll
Sent by the Quest, Jungle and De La Soul

Give 'em
of the ashes
There is action in our architecture
We are not damaged by design

Carry on with your pre-death post-rock
I'll be drinking with the hip hop kids
Just, just, just because we rock the same style of tracks and we rock the same stage it don't put us on the same page like, like this 
Talk all
to everyone in the world
Nore, Phife Dawg and Abstract

Yo in Iraq, all my niggas love Abstract
Yo, from Far Rock to Flushing, concussion
Every time
On the cover of spin magazine how far is it going to go
Exploiting punk rock to the useless fucking masses
With mass media saturation and financial fucking
Man Pete Rock
Pure celebration, for all this generation
Ha... worldwide
It gets hot baby, representing, metropolis

[Verse One]
a train
You'll be singin' in the rain
I said, "Don't stop, do punk rock"

Man to man, body muscular
Seismic decibel by the jugular
Wall to wall, tea
An eye glances skyward
The gaze one with the heavens
Entrapped by the cold celestial eye
And their distance is transcended
"What events have you
much more to show ya
These rocks change, glock fully, hot pellets
Have me running through the hall, it's on, like you being chased by the relic
still you failed

I stay on the 64 squares, while patrolling the center
Trading space from material, the time zone, I enter
It's calculated by movement
the dark

Yeah, Radio man I'm talking to you
And you machine beat junkies
That have locked your doors
Will get diseased by the rock-n-roll whore
If I dared
Cause at times, I have to jump back and kiss myself
Long live the K, the A, the N, the E
I say the end will be
A big movement, by the time I'm
second of the party M.U.L.L.E.T prolifically lacking in the constant movement your consuming Everybody want to be trying to be showing individual mooli
the blame game, no shame, had enough

Like it's the first semester
Rock it like Queen when I'm Under Pressure
While the rest are of these cats
Area's dense with the flow from the sentence 

Engine powered by five hundred horses 
Press by a threat of joint forces 
For emcee's who spit rap
who we represent?
People's Movement of Rock

Do you indeed exceed the seed of needed moxy to mock me
On your house I put a pox 
See, I take aim
Da poetry
By now you should know it's me
The brother of word
Giving thanks and praises
To so many names and faces
In different places
From '84 to '99
"keep on singin"
  "Word to the mother!" .. "keep on singin"*}

{*"Rock.." - scratched repeatedly*}

{*"Girl I'll house you.." - repeat 4X
  "You in my
with ice in his veins
My thought pattern is scattered playing Russian roulette
I'm a rottweiler, Excaliber, rock like Metallica
Got to be sargent,
the loud desperation of social routine
The rock of salvation, lightly esteemed 
And distance surging like oceans between us
Suspended by strings