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Bonnie Raitt

I gave my love a candle
A promise at life
And I told æ?½m when my number comes up
Winds would fill the sky
Me Iæ?¦ fixinto die
Bonnie Raitt-Trinkets
(Emory Joseph)

When I was a kid
I had a little record
I played it over and over 
Each and every day.
Sung by a man
Named Louie
For, "You're nae match for Bonnie Belle
An' she's nae match for thee"

He sent me packin' doon the road
Wi' nae penny o' my fee
Sae a' ye lads o'
repent upon the side of the road
But, I kept on going yeah I headed for another load
I get up from the ground in the middle of the morning
Up from
smile and buy my time
And I don't want you fillin' funny
Just think of Bonnie Lee like a busy bee
Gettin' by by sellin' honey

She's got this picture
to meet
On her coffee breaks
She bought me seats
To Bonnie Raitt
Now there's no concrete date
But she bought the ring
It's Marjorie May
And my
Honey, that's my middle name
And I don't care which way the wind will blow
'Cause I don't know so down the road I go

I'm sure there's lots of guys out
There are no monks in my band
There are no saints in this land
I'll be doin' all I can
If I die an honest man

Confusion is my middle name
So Snoop Dogg for the keepin' it real with a strength

Now picture, Bonnie and Clyde, We side as we slide,
Side by side, to keep this pimpin' alive
That's my real middle-name
It has always been the same
That's the call, that's the game and the pain stays the same.
I still feel the heat
As by the door to get to Heaven
Seven trumpets big and bright
You hear it coming in the middle of the night
A caution to the children
to fall in love
Crash! Boom! Bang!
I find the heart but then I hit the wall
Crash! Boom! Bang!

That's my real middle-name
It has always been the same
We can make Fort Kearny by the middle of May

Did you see me at old Fort Kearny?
Did you hear my trumpets blow?
Did you write your name in stone,
That's my real middle-name, it has always been the same

Oh yeah, oh yeah
It's always been the same
It's always been the same
before I speak, you put my mind at ease
When I had you by my side, I was truly a king
Unstoppable together, we're like Bonnie and Clyde
Damn I miss my
town, this is my town

Everybody knows everybody
And everybody knows me by my first name
As the world gets complicated
We just try to keep it simple
sittin' on a tailgate
Middle of a star gaze
Wishin' you were in my arms
And chillin' right here
Baby, if you want it,
I got a cold beer with your name on it
the middle road 
I been trying to find it 

Whenever God shines his light 
I put on my best sunglasses 
Whatever truth that shines through, for a moment I
Believe ya amaze by the way mi preform fi get ya boring man name shawn

Take di middle an (wine gal)
From ya know ya fit like fiddle (wine gal)
my name mentioned
Catch them at the nightclub entrance
Always seekin' attention
But I be inside, tryna get burst
Lookin' all cool like Herc
eyes of his momma
As she touched his name on that stone?
He fought for his country
And died for his country
Yeah I love my country

Let me tell you
a thirty-ought-six and a premium load
In a shotgun shack on a two lane road
Smack in the middle of the bible belt
Dancin' in the ruins all by myself

We got
the middle of the road.
And I said "Old man let me help you, I can take you home"

And he said,

"Son you can't imagine the trouble that you been,
'cause the brothers that I knew with the rise drove by
Only nice in the days looking down the road
Seeing beautiful girls with the car load
on wrong
I guarantee you'll meet up with a suicide bomb
Hell broke luce
Hell broke luce

Big fucking ditches in the middle of the road
You pay