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you wear the new one
The sound of a quarter rollin' down a jukebox
Play the Travis Tritt right above the 2Pac
For you get lost down some road
Written by Travis Tritt & Gary Rossington

When you told me you were leaving
Girl I didn't believe a word
'Cause to think that you'd walk out on me
(Travis Tritt)

I know there's times
You've been tormented by the questions in your mind
Will our love last
Or simply fade away as time begins
(Travis Tritt/Gary Rossington)

I took some time down by the ocean
Just to try and shake the notion
That my world could not continue without you
So I
Written by Travis Tritt

Girl I know you see me
As a man who's strong and never filled with doubt
But your love gives me courage
You don't realize I
for it all down at the grand Ole Opry
You can go walkin' through the Hall of Fame
And one by one, remember the names
Willie Nelson, Jimmy Rodgers,
(Travis Tritt)

Well I guess you'd call me trouble
I have been most my life
Been black and blue a time or two
'Cause I ain't scared to fight
But I
(Travis Tritt/Charlie Daniels)

They'd been high school sweethearts since they were just fifteen
A storybook beginning with the wedding of their
still apply to me, they all make sense in time

But now I'm incommunicado
Driving by myself down the road with a hole in it
Songs with no
an hit that cup, 1 time before a nigga hit that road
These days keep going by too fast, so give me anything that make shit go slow
Yea, money in my safe,
End of the road 29 north to the bridge
If I go I'm leavin everything to my wife and my kids
Travis if I go whatever my half is you give her 
And no
Snake and bat we chain react you think it’s
Easy huh, wanna be the one?
Go easy bro you think its easy come?
But they don't see me go, what have