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She want me to re-mix this dope shit
She want me to re-mix this dope shit

She want me to re-mix this dope shit
She want me to re-mix this dope
get lost

Lost down some old back road
Lost in a song on the radio
Lost in your deep blue eyes
I don't care if we spend all night
Lost by the river
can do well without

Drive me to where we were so long ago
Bottle of wine and I'm ready to go
Lets have a drink to the car radio
By the side
wonder if you ever think about it like I do
Seven kids on my two lane road
Had the guns on the radio
After all this time it still feels so good

I know a place
Down past an old shack
On a road that goes to nowhere
Ain't nobody coming back
We can go there tonight
We can talk until dawn
Sometimes I feel I'm going nowhere
I'm moving but I just can't find the way
Surrounded by a million faces
They all say, they're my best friends
her name anymore
When you can drive down the road and not be afraid of what's playing on the radio

That's when you'll know it's over
That's when
?l drive all night ?and still be nowhere by daylight
i?l drive all night ?ot a single soul in sight
tonight i know
the highway? just another
Followed my feet to nowhere again, wherever I go there I am
I'm stuck on this road and life just keeps passing me by
What can I do to get from beyond
for life 
I took in your kids did everything that you wanted me too
Heard about frontin' on radio and the fuse
Don't make me feel good to lie, even
to run away,
This is your last chance to say goodbye

This broken road maybe leads to nowhere. 
Away from here we'll find a way

We could run away
and her pearly gates
A hard rain fell and the times forever changed
In the back of a car with the wind in our hair
Speeding down the road going anywhere
That you were looking at me baby by the Ferris wheel

I know you’re cool but you think that you’re chocolate
Get off my nerves, 'cause I still got a soft
Standin' on the side of the road with a long shadow and suitcases,
Going nowhere, and I don't care, I'm a grown man.
Hold my own hand, kickin' my own
pass by
You identified the flowers on the road
I rolled the windows down and shut off the radio

Did you ever think you’d end up here
All those late
Brown Boy, rock on, uhh
Finger Dally, rock, rock on, uhh
Baby girl, rock, rock on, uhh
Soul Radio
(P-p-please don't go away)

I don't want you to go
Got excited when invited to block parties with my cousins
Tapin every rap jam that slammed on the radio
School time came, on the plane back to the O
barbaric than Conan
They asking for work, and you say 'no man, you can't be trusted'
They walked down your street and get busted
By your so-called justice