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on asking me
You keep on asking me why
Why are we here?
It started a long time ago
Me and your mum on the night
Yeah yeah yeah, we met

I was
Meet my lady every morning half past nine when the bells begin to ring,
Looking out the window down the road and I see the same damn thing,
on me for the price I've paid

So I wander on
Asking where you might have gone
From what I knew before
Some things are worth fighting for

Night road
I've headed down the road of sorrow lured by carefree fun
There's only a dark tomorrow I'll be worth of things I've done
If you can believe me just
by some men all my life be branded
Never hurted none this side of Jordan.

Take off your old coat and roll up your sleeves,
Life is a hard road
I tried to take the high road
Let by gones be by gones
I tried to take the high road
But now another life's gone
What you expect from me?
Don't know why tori came by,
I could see by the look in her eye,
Tori'd been driving round the town for a while
Plying with the thought of leaving
They're asking me questions and searching for meanings
In songs I can't give them at all

On the road, the road to glory
On the road, always
Never mind the wind, 
Never mind the rain, 
Never mind the road 
Leading home again.
Never asking why, 
Never knowing when, 
Every now and then,
hay in June
Sitting by the road watching well-fires burn
By an old October moon

I learned to drive on those East Texas red clay backroads
And I
There's a burnin' silver lining, lighting up the sky
Ahead of someone's promise, the storm is passing by
I know I can't be with you, you're like
For centuries your faithfuls were persecuted
Many of them perished in the flames
By the holy road and church' names

But your name stays high in
Looking back on the road we left behind
I wonder just what it is we've done
Seems like we've earned the right
To throw the dice again
Let's make
One who will pay the price for love without asking how much
One who will keep me warm when the nights are cold
Face of an angel and heart of gold
Dear Dad, don't get mad,
What I'm asking for
Is by the next semester
Can I get another car ?
This one here is sick'ning
On a wide dual road.
I might
stars in every headlight
And I wonder where they go
I see stars that are stranded by the side of the road
I see stars that look like raindrops sticking
to greyhound rides, no to you by my side
I don’t need you, I don't need anyone
Come back
Come back

Fire burning down at monastery road
Why'd you do it
One lonely heart, tired of being apart
Seeks company
One lonely heart, trying to make a new start
Seeks sympathy

All I?m asking for is
Across the bridge at Selma you came marching side by side
In your eyes a new world on the way
Hope was in your heart and justice would not be denied
repairs old watches and clocks
They don't give him much time, no, he doesn't know what's gone wrong
He keeps on moving on this lonely road from hell
the road that's yet to be travelled on
By the ones who will carry on, I'll carry on

For the chilrden of the world
Every single little boy

In the alleys o Monsay
In the streets of Katmandu
On the high roads of Peru
People meet and touch and go

But the wind of change will blow
asking who'd do this to love
And the white shouldered mountains they pointed above

Lord you just dropped me here by the side of this road
Out here's
read my mind

That little Johnson boy from down the road
Was asking if the kids could come and play
Lord I wish I could have told them yes
But I just
a cockatoo
Is it standin' by your mate when he's in a fight
Or just vegemite
True blue, I'm a-asking you

Hey true blue, can you bear the load
Will you