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Giggling strange birds in the trees

[Chorus: x4]

Medicating in a minivan [Repeat x4]

[Chorus: x8]

Roll the road alone, roll the road alone
gold trees
Step a dip like a flip, '96 kis

[Chorus: x2]

Matter fact take it to the bridge

God bless
God bless ya lover

God bless
God bless
roll wit aa big ol bank roll
You wanna box chevy 4 doh
You wanna box chevy 4 doh
You wanna box on chevy 4 doh beatin down north block calla road
you know ya shot by accident
to tell the truth and open the worlds eyes
yes we do have a serious problem in L.A.
and other citys true retaliate happens
she signed it with an X-X-X

She left so soon, she left that exit
Would she had just left where the roads intersect
And the last thing I saw
wheels on a gravel road

Cotton fields stretching miles and miles
Hank's voice on the radio
Telephone poles trees and wires fly on by
Car wheels
you (x4) 

Verse 2: 

Have mercy! 
Nowadays I got them other niggas acting thirsty 
Bless the sky, energy created by my third child 
Swerve wit it, get
the road 
We played like marbles in the dust
Until a voice called for us 
To make our way back home
The stones in the road 

When I was ten, my father
Island Line

A, B, C, W, X, Y and Z
Cats in the cupboard, but they don't want to see me!

Oh, the Rock Island Line is a mighty good road
Oh, the Rock
and multiply by twelve just as easily as 
You and I do 
By ten. 

Now if man had been born with 6 fingers on each hand, 
He'd probably 
Count: one, two,
Island Line

A, B, C, W, X, Y and Z
Cats in the cupboard, but they don't want to see me!

Oh, the Rock Island Line is a mighty good road
Oh, the Rock
Niggas be thinking that my shit's good
They don't know I took ten losses last year, '96 Bulls
But I ain't tripping, 'cause my wrist good
Fuck these
The blind man stood by the road and he cried (x3)
He cried oh, oh, oh

The woman stood by the well and she cried (x3)
She cried oh, oh, oh
101 and one forests
100 day to abandon
99 percent
98 minutes
97 daughters
96 men in uniform
95 faces
94 pages
93 million miles away
I saw Elvis washing clothes
In the launderette by the growth
Watchin' powder on his nose
Down the Harrow Road
He was talkin' 'bout a song
Had it
rollin' up
Got your bitch fiening bro, P meaning what

(chorus 8x)

(Master P verse 2)
I scream with riches, tag teaming with bitches
96 we went gold,
Prostitute turned b****, I got the gauge out

96 ways I made out, Montana way
The Good-F-E-L-L-A, verbal AK spray
Dipped attache, jumped out
In '96, she gave me my name, "L-O, L-O!"
Yeah, I got it for the L-O
It ain't hard to find, still posted in the ghetto
Holla at your boy, save your
bodies are fished out 
I'm wrecking niggas one-by-one but then I miscount 
Mispronounced, how do LL bounce 
And get ya shit bust? I turn ya fagots into
on the road

Hey, ho, the wind and the rain
The passers-by wave their arms and grin

Come wind, come rain, we're off again
Our muddy boots plod down the lane
On the march
Madrid to Bombers Bay
Traveling dark
On the road to Mandalay

Pack up the troubles and you'll all get by
Smile boys that's the style
Pack up
Riding shotgun in my brother Fase low-low
On my way to school, having shoot outs with the cholos
If it wasn't them, we getting jacked by the popo
bumped by the finest, 3X in my mouth shinin
Backstage Donna Karan shades, crushed diamonds
I'm climbin, 2 the top like Pac when I rhyme
Follow my path
shinin that's fo sho/bitch I'm clean that's all I know and I'm ridin in the drop real slow/bitch I'm clean that's all I know when I pass by watch they
The wind is blowing down the quiet river
A shining road that carries you alone
Baby boy, my love will last forever
If you're to live, I must give