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River Of Tears
Ben. E. King

It seems that I just can?t win?
I?ve been hurt time and time again?

Every time I give my heart somebody tears it all
As I cam' by Chrochallan
I cannily keekit ben
Rattlin' roarin' Willie
Was sitting at yon board en'
Sitting at yone board en'
And amang guid companie
Rivers of fear run cold
Ice castle formation
Frozen tears escape eternal frost

Hope and desire fade
Fury in the emperor's eyes
Cast here for
I find it, when I prove it
I know that some damned fool is gonna lose it
For it's the river of hope, from the pool of tears
It's the river of hope,
To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)
The beat of your heart
The beat of your heart

Loneliness forever, loneliness forever
Holding back a river, holding back a river
All the kings are
a tear and a tutu
The phone never rings
And he can´t go on, he´s banging on a keyboard
There´s an E-mail to Jesus from the world of a king

I took
Power, thunder, lightening bolts
Rushing wind, a waterfall
Baby's cry and mother's tears
Humming river, rustling leaves

He's calling loud
Even kings will fall to their knees
And end up only knowing one word

Ya heh ya mesh
Shaken the wilderness of cadesh
Ben laf peupen the urges
and she did cry my fingers bled a thousand lives
A red-teared river flowed our lives between us
Her majesties tears and the pauper's blood an angels
to speak.
Well, I felt a cold river of tears upon my cheek.
And each time I wake up I feel so weak.

Ah, legal age life at variety store,
When you come down, 
When you come down, 
When you come down

Jefferson, I heard your tears fall down
Over the fall of the rain.
Why is it you
Time slips by in the hourglass
You can hear your name
Sand slides through the stranger's hand
As he deals the game.
All the candles are burning

Catch your tears in a golden sieve
Don't regret what you did to live
Don't forget that you must forgive.
To risk everything.

Time slips by
dastardly deeds that YOU do, dummy
Despite your degradations, +Dialect+ distributed by disc
$12.95 for record and $10.95 for tape
E - E is for
privileged and worse

Oh, mama please
Don't cry for me
Tears to the river
Tears to be free

Now I see twelve white horses
Walking in a line
drawn in by him
And I heard him call
Like a distant hymn

I retreated from the silence of my room
Stepping down the ancient stones washed with dawn
And stitch by stitch we work to tear the seam

One hand in the sky
One on the third rail
Your mind can't be free
When your soul is in jail
So long live
from the cold,
Lord, Lord, look away.

I've seen history, Robert E. Lee, and Johnny Reb hold his head up high;
They can tear me down, down, down,
silver hair
King Solomon is my father

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah's sending children of the sun
I watch the boats go by as evening colours the sand
Ben Franklin
Would've been frightened by lightening?
If he would of stayed inside then
We'd still be in the dark

Martin Luther King
Did some
silver hair
King Solomon is my father

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah's sending children of the sun
I watch the boats go by as evening colours the sand
You could still feel chills from the team
On 118, my nigga Ben fly by like it's a dream
His face on his Shirt Kings
Laced in a pinky ring, in
Closed my eyes by a violent river filled
With thoughts that left me shiver
Longed for a land to be delivered
Where the young don't catch the ship
Blood runs free, down the river
I'm the weeper, the life bereaver
I cross the Styx, with coins...onyx
Without the trumpets and horns and pyres