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Why can't I just walk away
You know people do things a lot harder every day
And somehow they make it look so easy

Mark McGuire does it with
probably change my ways
[Hook: Rodney Atkins]
One of these days I hope I get this right
Put the puzzle pieces all together one time
Not a worry in
know I was wrong
Weary waters keep on flowing
Lonely river roll along

Tell her I'm waiting
Alone by the shore
Just say I'm pining
To see her once
© 2002 by Jamie Stevens and Rodney Ronquillo

verse 1:
You say I don't ever see you
You say that I don't notice who you are
But I don't ever have
This Ford is just a loner my real car's a Cadillac
I got a three story mansion servant's quarters in the back
I am faithful to you baby no matter
, down on the river
Just some old boys a making a lot of noise
Down on the river, down on the river, down on the river
If anyone calls tell them, we're
There's a deep silent river flowin' just beyond and its waters are deep and wide
It's as dark as the night but my eyes see a light just down by
'Course it does
That River knows our dreams
Clear as God, this river we have seen
Just droplets of, but here
The drops converge in this stream
Just like a wild fire you're running all over town 
As much as you burn me baby I should be ashes by now 

Just like a wild fire You're running all over
girl standing
In a doorway in the gloom
We’d hardly started talking
The old scenario
And I just let her work me over
Down by the Ohio

down by the river
Heartaches soaked in wine
I'm just lookin' for redemption
For that wanderin' soul of mine

Pull me to my knees
As I drown in
the heart has reasons
That reason can not know
River runs by my window
River runs by my door
River runs so sweet  
Might never roam no more
[Chorus 1:]
Clap your hands this evening, come on
(Scratching), this is for the homies(4x)

(Rodney O)
I'm Rodney O and I'm back, on a track
a river
You know he'll die by the river now 
?Cause deep inside my river's run dry 

So many times did mother swallow her pride 
Just to keep my old man's
that's just me, 'cause nothing ever is enough
When I was a child I grew up by the River Lea
There was something in the water, now that something's in me
Cause you want to harass me yeah 
And if I talk back you want to bust my black ass G 
Just like Rodney King 
But if you try that shit with me, its
the sky
River of God, you're much greater than I
There's a river of souls running fast by my door
There's a river of souls going where, who can know
Deep river woman
Lord I'm coming home to you
Deep river woman
Lord I know she's waiting
Just anticipating all my love

I spent a night in L.A.
Well, I know that I shouldn't have done it
I know that it just wasn't right
'Cause they got me back up to the Cotton Mouth River
And I can't cross
A chestful of old goodbyes
Tear streaked faces by the light of the moon
Here on a river of fools
Here on a river of fools

A trio of angels holding
Don't know why it is your standin' there
It just flows on by whisperin' to your soul
It's gonna be alright, the river just knows

He held that fish
A chestful of old goodbyes
Tear streaked faces by the light of the moon
Here on a river of fools
Here on a river of fools

A trio of angels holding
Life is so easy on greasy grass river
Just take my hand and we can pretend to be free
You want to be
Come on with me

So take me down
Yeah river just keep on flowin

Time dies tryin to fly by
Got a grain of love in my eye
Opportunity knockin
Big boat keep on rockin
That river boat
Shadow let go there's something you should know
I just found my new direction and I hope you like the key
Like the air that led me to it