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your all
Rise up, when your back is up against the wall

You see struggle, struggle has
No color, no color
In the midst of crisis
You are my sister
And side by side we'll face this thing
Standing tall, you and me

Rise up, rise
Rise up, rise
Rise up, rise

Hey we gon' rise

Rise up, rise
Dread in monochrome
The sisters of mercy
High tide
Wide eyed
Sped on adrenochrome
For the sisters of mercy
Filled with
Panic in their eyes
their sisters hanging from the rafters
And every dirty shade will rise rotting from its grave
Tomorrow will be just like the day after, yeah

By now
Missy I miss you so. oh little sister
I wish you'd come back to me and sit by my side
We'd laugh and we'd play again, if only you'll try
You know
Missy I miss You so. Oh little Sister
I wish You'd come back to Me and sit by My side
We'd laugh and we'd play again, if only You'll try
You know
There is a house by the sea
Two jealous sisters, they're waiting for me
And one is laid on the floor
And one is changing the locks on the doors
But if mama was here I know what mama would say 

Carry on 
Carry on 
What don't kill us makes us strong 
Carry on 

Little sister's husband ran
And in the eyes of those five, 
Five sisters of Kintail
There's a wink of seduction from the mainland.

Island in the city, cut by a cold sea.
The time it takes to rise above
In the summer of love
It's the summer of love I say
I declare by the power vested in me
This is the summer of love
choose to swim from the submerged car, leave my unconscious friends
Avoid the grip and lazy turn by twisting through the water just like them

Listen mister brother sister
Family and friend
I fear with each day pass
Our time grows closer to the end

Listen stranger passer by
And those
united by a struggle
Going down
You've got to walk into the water
With your sister and your daughter
In this free world

If I wore your shades could I
little Marysville

The people round here did the best they could
They either got caught runnin' or they died where they stood
By the time they saw it
Brethrens and sisters of the greatest Cause, 
All thee rebelling spirits who walk alone at night
Hear my proclamation and take now my hands
Let us
Stand by me my sister stand by me now
Having my days and I've seen your ways
Sing it and have it set a nasty craze
So I reach a state
Turn a new page
like, to have you here tonight, laughin by my side. 
To see your eyes as you marvel at the city life.
Forget reality the pictures nice.
Well yeah you
Confess spit it out, I won't ask you twice
All hear the great noise, as you roam the night
The devil's mother's anger, sister of the beast
"The gods are great, I am the greatest"
Mother of earth, mother of all
Father of air, father of all
Brother in flames
Sister of seas
Gods of my
Possible to be loved
It was not about me
Now I have to rise above
Let the universe call the bluff
Yeah the truth will set you free

you're washed up and you're through
But sister's here to let you know
Boy you're gonna make it through

Sister, do you really believe that I can rise
or lie 
From this day forward are you with me now?
Rise to reclaim, Brothers 
This is a call to arms 
Align by my side, Sisters
Wherever you
"I think our servant courts our sister,
I think they have a mind to wed.
I'll put an end to all their courtship,
I'll send him silent to his grave."
"I think our servant courts our sister,
I think they have a mind to wed.
I'll put an end to all their courtship,
I'll send him silent to his grave."
Brothers, my brothers is this all that we are
Sisters, my sisters we’ve been crushed by the fists of god

Welcome to the free world