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a thrillseeker

If you live by the sword
You will reap your reward
Death by faulty rip-cord or loose karabiner
But it's my absolute right
To kill myself if I
(live) Album of Iron Maiden
It was a good day of Ice Cube
Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Album of 4 NON BLONDES
Creep of RadioHead
Kiss This Album
savage that curse queens 
I'm something from his worst dreams 

First we handling first things, I'm subsurface unseen 
Grat'll hold planet by purse
to beams
Live to the means
Screaming as Jimmmy Ivy
Corrupt as Don King
Boxed into the ghetto
To be the champion of bling
Industry is the arena
what a bitch but she still looks good to me and thats why
i didn't wanna come here, didn't wanna have to be
seeing her live her life where I'm