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ya love bein' at your favorite spot
Where the feeling is good and the music is hot
Don't ya love bein' at your favorite place
Where the DJ's got you
you'd swear the mixer had fleas 
She's the mutilator, music carnivore 
Spinderella rocks the records with a chainsaw 
You're still amazed by the way
Just just do it in a video 
Just just do it in a video 

Ladies love my music 
And read the charts and 
Call me mister only poppin'
I treat em good
Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chair
Flame up the herb
Woof down the beer

I'm your video DJ
I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes
And the truancy came
Started cuttin' in just class, I was comin' all fast, I was new to game
Used to playin' on TV courtesy of video music box
Plus knew a lot
from you


ladies and gentlemen Martin Lawrence


this is Marin Lawrence's First video visit to a 
recording studio

and his last
Used to playin on T.V., courtesy of video music box
Plus! Knew a lot of hustlas, goin O.T., comin back with the new hip-hop
Like! E-40 holding
like a bitch
If his hate get stomped the floor, then go for all his shit
Frasier Bizzle, DJ Pizzle, Lil Whistle and Hypnotizzle
Run the shit for
Shit outta luck, fucked and stuck with that rough shit
Fuck a pop song, fuck a video, fuck Arsenio, fuck the radio
Do you hear me though?
the Okay-players and the Spitkickers
Rawkus got a deal with MCA, thats the grey area
But let us come from music cemetery of America
They try to fool you by
is the reindeer games
And they call me Rudolph the Red
They know I don't rip a mic
But I chew off the head
Spit it at the PD's and DJ's and VJ's who be
20/20 vision
You can see me now handling this music with precision
If not, then it's fine with me
Just know this movement is vivid enough for the blind
Shoot two videos, spit two lyrics
Now all of a sudden their names getting mentioned
In the same sentence as mine by the critics
What has this world
sales like that
You know that saying; that what you put out always come back
Handle yours people

[DJ Premier cuts and scratches]
"Ready...set..and begin"
uh, Soon we ridin' with the drum
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

[Scratching by DJ Chris Crossphader]
Rip it up!!!
The fulfillment, of the prophecy
The epitome, the legacy, of every MC
Understand, to be the man
You got to beat the man

Got somethin to say, let the music play
want to play? (Get funky) [Repeat]

Sixty seven, sixty seven
Freaks dance like they in heaven
DJ don't stop the music, DJ don't stop
Transmit SARS, it's 20 bars as you spit

[Chorus: Scratched by Stoupe] (repeat 2x)

	"c'mon, let 'em know it's us when we come on"
		"While real
from off tour and they wanna tell you a little story

about where they come from

(Music plays until end) 

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[ VERSE 1: El Da Sensei (& DJ Kaos) ]
Aight little man, let me tell you 'bout the days
When your favorite MC's had no major airplay (What?)
No video
to the god Taheem, watching over me
White chariots and horses, get me over rough courses
While I silence those voices that doubted my ability
To rip
y'all rhymin the same
Some of y'all even wearing the same jewelry
And y'all doin the same videos
Shut up, you know you messed up right?
That's why
these here Helmet rip-offs
They don't but my lunch
So I will get a real job in the office

And I won't bother to make my music
And I won't bother
DJ Muggs , Soul Assassins , Cypress Hill
everybody , put your hands where my eyes can see

[ Eminem ]
everywhere we go people know that we roll
[KRS One] 
YES! Chillin in the place right now 
Harmony and Heather be	 Ms. Melodie 
DJ Jamal Ski DJ Kenny Parker 
And of course we are gettin