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Well the two new people that's moved to the middle of the block
And we're at the top of the town and don't you think we're not
Well we found love
This neighborhood is full of mutts
Barking kids and arguments
People yell from block to block
And quiet down by ten o'clock

They blow their
lotta winds in this little house at 4-0-33
The four thousandth block proves what true love can do
Once a lonely place but was sold to me and you
Oh all
This souped up, individual stuck, the new stuff
Same kid cryin' on the stand with Judge Cuffner
Kissed him with odd numbers three to nine style
We're the two new people that moved to the middle of the block
An' we're the talk of the town, an' don't you think we're not
For we've got love an'
are in a state of shock
We're the New Kids on the Block

Chillin' on the corner the first day we arrive
From the looks of the hoods we didn't think
The Bloom, the Swoon, the Sugars on your block
The Planets land in flesh in the corners of New York
The ghetto, the meadow, the Mr. Butter flew
sexy hooked up by Becky true to the dice not new to the dice sexy
Dropped me off 456 Ci Lo Blvd. right after she blew on the dice. 

were new Bob Dylans, your dumb ass kid brothers

Well, we still get together every week at Bruce's house
Why, he's got quite a spread I tell ya, it's
Yes I can
Yes I can

[ Kid ]
I'm never fessin, possessin the tools that it takes to rock
I think it's time for the new kid on the block
stuck with each other, god forbid
Teach myself to smile
And stop and talk to whole other color kids
Teach myself to be new in an instant like the truth
felt pity 
My cold thoughts evolve around New York City 
Evidence sir in the tunnel where the train enter 
Be the gat from the old time eighty six
I'm doin my thing, kid

(Yo, what kinda flavor is that, man?
I want the new stuff, man)
Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid
(The hardcore, gimme
a candle like Mariah, I'm so fire
When I step in the club, get low!, like Flo Rider
Cause I'm a Pimp
You can tell by the limp
When I step aside
the mistletoe we go, we go

Everybody's singing
All the bells are ringing out
And it's Christmas all over again, yeah again

And right down our block
Little kids
on the nightstand
Minnie held the bullets, put the pistol in her right hand
She was a legend to everyone who knew her
That's is my memory of Minnie the Moocher
He grabbed the gun sittin' on the nightstand
Minnie held the bullets, put the pistol in her right hand
She was a legend to everyone who knew her
Dre, he a Compton-Compton O.G
Nas, he a QB-QB true G
Do the history

Way before The Firm, like back in the day
Nas was the first New York nigga
in the spotlight
Is a hard life to choose.
Diane drops half a pound,
It's on the six o'clock news.  Ah yeah,
Those kids have really paid their
me on the cover of the Rolling Stone
Uptown down home American kids
Growin’ up in little pink houses
Makin’ out on living room couches
Blowin’ that
Killa House
Brick City
Style P.
When Funk Doc start takin' the drag
It's like who in the hell left this apron to lad
broken glass
I'm swinging
to blow niggas
Tech 9's, carbines, pointin' in your fuckin' faces
Thirty-eight magnum butcher knife man, watch me stab em
Q his kid left there, with
ghetto blood clots is scored by slug shots
and drug spots, well if you're too poor to move out
or get a new house, it's like livin in a war walkin through
love this world wit a passion

Bridge: kid capri

Hey yo!
All the ladies in the house say yeeeeeaaaahhhhh
(then yeeeaahhhh said by the ladies) ya don't
Yea G-Unit

I think I gotta have it
Its keeps pullin' me in like a magnet
Going with this kinda music puts me right back on the block, block