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Watching as it flies by (Spy the unknown)
Focus on the quiet oars
Tell me how far you'd go (Go where you like)
Knowing your air won't last (Last one to know)
The sound of the earthquake, 
The rhythms that you make, 
Are makin' my head shake in two. 
Magnetized by you 
Your love will pull me through
Slow your lovin' up
Slow your lovin' down
Love gaining not losin' ground
No worry
No hurry
Take your sweet time
Dabble dally
And relive memories

aunt beaulah's place is down the hill
A skip right down the road
Not too far form myrtle ave
You'll find her small abode
All in the golden afternoon full leisurely we glide 
For both our oars, with little skill, by little arms are plied 
While little hands make vain
at the oars
   G#7              C#m
Or staring from the rail
        E -A         B7
And the sea bids farewell
She waves in swells
at the oars
   G#7              C#m
Or staring from the rail
        E -A         B7
And the sea bids farewell
She waves in swells
And my crew are the bravest ever handled an oar
And not by the tempest, they laugh at its roar

No ballroom can tempt me nor raise my despair
to a place
A land that's not so far away 

The boat above our heads for the walk to the shore
As feelings of dread soak the length of the oar
Once I tried to row
'Cause you know I hate to fly
so I set out from the coast
But got battered by the tide
As I glided back to shore
I raised
Movin' in next door, searchin' from floor to floor
You know what they're lookin' for
Someone's always keepin' score every time you dip the oar

a flamin' scorch, you by the door, moolah 
All over the floor time to gather 
As much as I can tryin' not to get blam off in a vicious 
Get message
Out through the back door
Soon when the time comes
Don't come looking for me
I won't be here anymore
There's fire all over
Are you still out there?
some more 
By the way, is there any you can sell us? 

Time out, save the play 
Trying to make the lie last 
Any old way we can 
Signed out all
I was burned in the heat of the moment
Though it couldn't have been the heat of the day
When I learned how my time had been wasted,
(And a) tear
Me cautious, I enter a flamin' scorch, you by the door, moolah 
All over the floor time to gather 
As much as i can tryin' not to get blam off in
And all that time, i felt just fine.  I held do many people in my suitcase heart that i had to let the whole thing go.  It was taken by the wind and snow,
A face I find more and more hard to recall

Never giving up, I looked for you everywhere
Time went by and sadness took the place of despair
In a way
of the fifth day
Before the sun arose
They hear bells chime and see pyres
Torched at a nearby coast

all of their problems on your plate?
All your good friends

Who can see the real you?
All your old friends
Who sticks their oar in everything you
so bad
I've changed my mind
About wasting my time
Spending money and drinking wine

Do right by your woman, she'll do right by you
Do right by
"And now for something completely different"

Hey!, Fuck you we crush crews the oar way
I'm, Sicker then using period blood for war paint
the galley
With undead orcs pulling oars through the algae
Smash cut to a smoke-bombed quarantine
Guards like "all signs correlate with sorcery"
It's more
wealth and fame,"
Promised great bounty by the blessings of Njord.
"Vast wealth awaits you in the land across my seas."

Wind fills the sail, oars pound
the sun
And leaves no mark

The neighborhood
Everyone has gone back inside
It's understood
Won't you sit down right by my side

Night time
Light time