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Hit the trap with a whole key
Blowing dope by the OZ
Behind tints moving low key
I think that you should know me
Yeah, I heard that you taken
the sea
Summer days rewind and you
You were never really a part of it

Well they came with flashlights
And scared everything away
She was bathing her
Enter, this cloud of sudden dreams
Assembled, or what so far it seems
Asylum, residence of fear
Purgatory, driven by hatred

To seek the truth,
I clench my first and break my chains
Destroy the mirror of tears
I force the night to smash you down
And lose my innocence (I'm)

Blinded by
Cut a tape of my favorite songs
Said, what I can't face to face
I hoped that you would share all my thoughts
We are young and unimpressed
By all
always got away 

(Rewind)Where did you go?
(Rewind)Where are you now? 
(Rewind)I thought the world could not tear us apart 

Our youth was filled with
our calls?
You still punching walls?
I don't see you round
No more

By and by it's gone
But not if you rewind it

By and by it's gone
But not
With all you'd recognize. 
So play it all over 
Turn it wide. 
Now there is nothing but a 
Mix tape left behind 
Now it won't rewind 
In my care we
passing by,
I won't be surprised if it all up and blows.

Time time time (If it all up and blows) time time time time (I wish we could rewind)
Time time
Wish I could reach up and reset that sun
Reverse these wheels go back and re-pick you up
Went by so fast oh so sweet
Make me wanna remake a memory
legs are unsteadied by
The way you close your eyes
I wish we could hit rewind

You leave me in the dark
Recounting all my sins
You put words in my
Hindered by innocence
The timid turn to prey
Swallowed in her smile
Turning ears
Deaf to pain
Willing and weak
Are one in the same
The old man knows very well
Going down by the snowbank, there's a mound
A mound that an old man knows good
Look who raises his shoe all over this
of the time
Give ya my soul now all of my mind
Wish I could just hit rewind rewind

Oh we must fight the war for survival we must win
And we will rise again

'Ccause you can’t relive the pain
You can’t rewind to yesterday
You might never find your place
In the time that remains
So if tomorrow never comes
Downtime, downtime
Rewind, rewind

Well, I

Just sing, no need to shout
A proclamation of the modern sound
Inspired by the world today
only friend
There's times it seems the devil is trying to take my by the hand

'Cause in life sometimes you got slow it down a little bit, take time
They stood by me watching everything
Demons, I know my demons
They stood by me while I destroyed everything
Demons, my demons are me.

N' give in to the rumor seduction, run by fear and all the good intentions

Rewind, I wanna go it again, light up the dark, halo on the side
So I'll
May I? May I?
Valves plugs pump to erase
Rictus from my face
Lapse of time
Synchro freeze
Loop rewind
Forward speed
Will to walk
Crossed out
the words by heart

I like to think we share a

If I could turn back time

Hit rewind
If I could start all do it again
There are many things that I would like to say to you
But I don't have the words in my head
Days are passing by and all the leaves are changing too
There are many things that I would like to say to you
But I don't have the words in my head
Days are passing by and all the leaves are changing too
My future hangs on this
You make preciousness from dust
Please don't
Stop creating me

Your blood offers the chance
To rewind to innocence
of mine, oh about time you can find
Just stand up and walk away

Sanitize me, honest, I'll be
Ultra violently, rewind, rewind me
Tapes get older, tapes