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Now is the time for freedom
Abandoned by cold religion
My heart on fire
We hear the sound
The sound of revival coming
The sound of Your people rising
The feast of our so called democracy
Here is new new order it's officially proclaimed
The revival of razzias is legalized again
So celebrate this day as you
I saw a black man with a bible and a sparkler in his hand
He was holding a tent revival and running a firework stand
He said, "The end of the world
What's one without the other?
Fused together, fused together

Paranoid by the sound of the streets
Wood creaks like the march of machines
My blood lust
the sky

Mother of all our joys
Mother of all our sorrows
Intercede with him tonight
For all of our tomorrows

The years went by and then the killers came
The killer, Scylla, and the limping fool
All the beggars play by the beggars' own rules
On a sea of destruction

All right

A sea of destruction
Masked killer, morbid rage, waits for them
Murdering one by one till there's none
Hideous horrid face, takes your life
Slits your throat, spilling blood
(Serial killer)

One by one, 
They all fall down
Angels' wings are on us now

So run, and run
But there's no escaping sound
C'mon, and take
Holy man tiptoed his way across the Ganges
The sound of magic music in his ears
Videoed by a bus load of tourists
Shinny shell suits and drinking
"Murder, young girl killed
Desperate shooting at Echo's hill
Dreadful ending, killer died
Evidently suicide"

A witness heard a horrifying sound
the flesh, and yes I love sess
I'm obsessed, by the sounds, the track possess
Intellectual, killer, special majestical
Ropin up the devils have em hangin from
That's the sound of humanity melting away
Say goodbye it's the end of days
Fire rains down on the American dream
Watch all you love seethe
a history, shaped by disaster
Were coming back for you, you Better brace yourself
I'm telling you, were coming back
To collect that killer

[Chorus: x2]
(Originally recorded by Sweet Savage)

Sound of gunfire comes through the night
Killing and hatred, it's a terrible sight
Reports come in
Holy man tiptoed his way across the ganges
The sound of magic music in his ears
Videoed by a bus load of tourists
Shiny shell suits on,
'cause you're on your own when the beat stops
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Holy man tiptoed his way across the ganges
The sound of magic music
My story starts the day they said "she can't be found"
the news so dark, heart stopped, I stood silent without a sound
It's over, she's finished,
There is a voice without a sound
I'm sure that killers are all around
United fool bewitched by words
These weapons take control

Holy man tiptoed his way across the Ganges
The sound of magic music in his ears
Videoed by a bus load of tourists
Shiny shellsuits on and drinking
spirits here that are tied by fire
I got a valley of bones that came alive
I got a cross, a hill, and an empty grave
I got a trumpet sound and one sweet
the record play
Revival of an old school sound, for the president
Always on point, no time for what the jalous say
The essence of a real rap sound, check
The silencers work to muffle that sound
Snuck through tools and on the low down
Gangstas give it up, what
Big cups of Goose stay filled-it up, we stay four
the window staring barred
On the pond on sweet drive
Lovers journeying wonderful
Dark is the sound of springs rain in the night
Drops of my blood falling onto
survival, Refugees we gonna treat them
Detrimental, Punks, fools.

Another sound boy dies, slow deth, Refugee Camp, Bounty Killer


And understanding
Possessed by gods
Transferred to man in
A script of a book
A scripture that looks 
Like a Biblical writing
Inviting a hook
Of a song sing along with