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and you still think so
			Grab your rhymes and your mic
[ all ]			And go for what you know

[ Almighty K.G. ]	My name is K.G
[ rest ]		(better known
this game, flooded up rings
Cluttered up change, quick to pop a slug in your brain
If you a killer, then slugs we exchange
We like the mobsters, bullet
like real gold, patent seal gold
(Not like some gold) which is slum gold
G-O-L-D gold, and I've been told
It's too hot to hold, you can get it sold
open, Dookie Ropes on the bells
When everything is gold, who cares about the carats?
They say that gold's the skin of the gods
You can’t take the band
Sink with the tide
Rescue me if you like
I'll be leaving it all up to you
Think how we tried
It's o.k. to be lied to 
As long as it's only by
The Golden Child chop that ass up, you was holding out
Let the streets be the court and corners hold the trial
Fatal not fictitious
I rock the cable
buyin' out Cris', pour us a little bit
I told y'all that my borough is thorough
I know niggaz that'll clap you up and bury the metal
Same day, still in
Redhead Kingpin, Tim Dog, have you seen 'em?
Kwame, King Tee or King Sun
Super Lover Cee, Casanova Rud
Antoinette, Rob Base never showin up
showin' up

You see Black Sheep, Group Home, Busy Bee?
Ask L'll and Al Skratch, 'Where My Homies?'
Leave it to y'all, these niggaz left for dead
Last week
the NARC sabotagin, slippin cracks in
Your camoflougin, now you snitchin on the squadron
That's somethin niggas can't pardon
City overrun by young gun
the sportsmen who always pulled you through?
They're all resting down in Cornwall writing up their memoirs
For a paper-back edition of the Boy Scout Manual
but to do it
Got a vest on, got a gun that could really do it
You niggas is playin wid real niggas money
Get funny, one day you is the plug
Next day
the flagship, uh
Blue in the menacing grip of a day for which you're manifestly unfit

Final answer "not to be", "not to be" is right!
Next question -
got the bait, five Cadillacs deep in yo' state
Be like them vogue tires, gold trim, I fucked you you're fired

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
[K] East West
the strap up, you think my name was "Kid Backup"
Big niggas (spittin' noise) pick that up, or lift that up
Raised by gangstas and gamblers, hustlers, con
was dancin' like New Edition
Cause the house parties stayed rockin' all night
Niggas came through and shot it up but it was alright
Cause after
In the city of dreams
You get caught up in the schemes
And fall apart in the seam tonight
That boy he is the bomb, from B.K. to the Bronx
And it's
[Nas] Motherf***in Dre!
[Nas] Wha**up my n****?
[Dre] Sup NAS?
[Nas] Chillin God
[Dre] N****z is up in here hittin some of this
[Kevin Rudolf]
In the city of dreams,
You get caught up
In the schemes
And fall apart in the seam
That boy he used to bomb,
From B.K
Redhead Kingpin, Tim Dog, have you seen 'em?
Kwame, King Tee or King Sun
Super Lover Cee, Casanova Rud
Antoinette, Rob Base never showin up
need is picking up so off you go
(Get picked up you know)
Whose mundane conjectoral I'd recommend
Only if you like rocking jazz

Intermingled with
And fry all the rest, bust the color
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, in the gold and violet
This jam is fly, and I'm the pilot
Flyin you
Remember that lick we had hit (yup)
Broke in and we found the stash (okay)
20K right by the stand (20k)
Wrapped up in a brown paper bag (ah)
That wasn't
(Let it rain)

[Verse 2]
Roll up on the shit, niggas want to pick
Me against a big, what the fuck is this
You a fuckin' donor, I be smokin' the marijuana
now who thought I'd be satisfied
With just one guy by my side
Oh Lordy, Lordy look at me
But hon you're different from the rest
I'm here to confess