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Incidental consequences 
Growing larger by the second 
Things I've said 
Things I've done out of ignorance 
I cursed the son 

the final say
Hired in, take home all the ones who missed for souvenirs, for their kids to play

Passive resistance! it's all programmed by programmers
Still there is defiance
Conscious and manner scream for diversion
Controlled by confusion
Confused by control
Control and resistance
transmuted to gold and silver
By strength of true will
No more resistance
No more resistance
Just perfection
Just perfection
The wheel is turning
your direction I'm
Ever so close

Now all my resistance
I feel it slip away
Now all of the distance
Ever less with every day by day

So far, I
through the trees
Build on shallow land
By our ancestors' hand

... Landmark of resistance - Aduatuza
Tenkterian fortress - Aduatuza
... Hall
Resistance in a time of mass self-destruction 
Makes the few who walk the straight edge 
A growing force of change 
Committed through gripped by
Resistance is Futile

Pretenders of Sorrow
Elder Perseverance Learns
Fakers of Deathyearns
Killed by Tomorrow
Realize you're dehumanized
You criticize your existence
It's your demise when no sun arise
When you're paralyzed by your lack of resistance
Realize you're dehumanized
You criticize your existence
It's your demise when no sun arise
When you're paralyzed by your lack of resistance
ain't taking order from snakes no more.

Stand by
stand by for a second message.

Now we're gonna take a stand,
For we are the Grassroots
Traces of resistance overthrown
In a time when prejudice cuts
Deeper than a blade
Our pioneers become disciples
The old must stay connected

Salvation of innocents. 
Intensified resistance.
Flooded by sabotage disabled whaling ships sink beneath the waves.
Meet me in Chicago
Down by the water line
Step across the gold coast
To my heart and to your wine
Maybe Cincinnati
With a trip in the morning
Extending a life with total resistance
To fatal disease, future methods of science

Replacing what is real by using technology
You shot it away
The dangerous missile of yours
Launched as a flirt
And I am the target

You sure made a hit
I'm shocked by the blastwave it
Sitting by the swimming pool 
Trying to keep my head together 
In that hot Australia weather 

Three days to kill and my per diem's getting
no one can resist

Nullify resistance to control our lives
Sterilized creation, born to bear your lie
Mortified in madness by a man made god
the pioneers driven by suspicion
The old world is gone and
We keep wishing for a new frontier
Out of their teeth and bones
Forget what you thought you
was hiding from your face
Standing shiny side by side
Staring at a false tale, looking at the stars

Don't think I missed her
It's just the resistance
at birth by my urban surroundings

Gravity won't allow me to fly
It pulls me down, the pain, I won't cry
Resistance and drive fueled by hunger
don't live your life 
I need the resistance 
Held by your astrological sign 
Now I'm caught in the middle 
You're next to me 
I swim with the fishes
Please come over,
I need assistance,
I've taken something,
And I have little resistance. 

'Cause mouth, you're dangerous,
by one negate

No last offensive
All resistance ceased
Forced down the final path
Forwards into peace
see that I'm your god
Corrupt your soul
And let the blood flow

You can't find peace
Without my persistence
I break the resistance
I see in you