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Zev Katz

drag by
Oh why? why me Lord? "	

I hear the ratters of tatters of home
Kick over the buckets of the wells run dry
I can't see but I don't care
on the mix 
And yeah the birthstone kid, Zev love x 
And Mr X took a licking, so onyx what's the time it is? 

Time is to get my cocka-doodle rooster
on sight 
Zev Lover, gave it the first light 
A grin shows a trick up a sleeve  
What a tangled web they weave 
Deceivers, stupefied through fable 
it wicked
Here's the title, in your face I'm gonna stick it
But yo don't resh leash the speech that you use
Needs a little more spice, ice, you're