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AGNES DEI Lyrics & Music by Michael W. Smith
WORTHY Lyrics & Music by Don Moen

From the recording: Offerings, Track #4.

Alleluia, Alleluia
For our
You don’t know your jailer
Like you, he’s never been free
He looks just like you, doesn’t he?
He’s got no sense of his own reward

Who needs freedom
By Gerry Shury and Phillip Swern

I'm going under
I'm slipping fast
Just like a drowning woman I keep turning over my past
I need
now I don't feel you here by my side.
Show me these years of hope won't die.

I will rescue you, if you rescue me.
There's a hole inside that they
Sharks don't attack the Irish,
It's mostly Australians.
There's nothing accomplished
By these splashing citizens.
From the Moon down
to fear
When I wonder if you're near
When I don't know how to break free
You're always there to rescue me

I wonder if Ill make it through this darkest
to life and failed

And I don't know why I keep trying and trying again
Oh I know now I'm, I'm never gonna win

My love can't rescue you
Can't make
lookin' anyway
My vision lost it yesterday
And that's fine
Don't mind feelin' that way
Just don't let me lie here by my self
Let's go
I know
in my mind, 
In time I find my spine is crooked in design 
I want to be so much more (I want to be so much)

Rescue me 
Take this hand, by myself,
need you to rescue me, rescue me.


Should have been by your side, held your hand kissed you goodbye. So much drama, so much pain without you I?m
suit the time,
We make the rescue fit the crime.

We do it in swingtime,
We don't count the skinny seconds
Passing by or wonder why.
We do it in
give up.

White noise. In the air. Buried in the layers. Disarmed by the sound of the signal that I found.

This is the rescue
Then the warnings
I'll be by your side 
I'll be the rock that you can lean on 
I'll be your guide 


Just reach for me 
And I will rescue you
a hyena
Taking a chance wouldn't last if you ask Mr. Martyr

If you're sicker than sickle-cells then follow me in hell I'm possessed by the devil
Words and music by Arlo Guthrie

I remember when I met you
Underneath the evening sky
Now it seems I could forget you
Rescue me, I'm bound to die
and now
in velvet you'll drown

Oh, austere
Lay by my side
You've been left here
So don't make a sound
Keep your word
Don't let me down
Just ?
a silver linin'
Just set your torch for glory then don't turn left or right
Heavens shore is lighted by the beacon in the night.

When the mist
to enjoy
Found, by the police
Who killed him, where filmed on the phone

Texas Rangers, had to ride in, to the rescue of all that's well and good
lord I remember how
Couldn't get enough of kissing
Do you know how much I'm missing?
No you don't, but I do

Days like a slow train trickle by
with you, ya got me head over heels
Boy you keep me hanging on by the way you make me feel


This time please someone come and rescue me
Day by day, night after night
Blinded by the neon lights
Hurry here, hustlin' there
No one's got the time to spare

Money's tight, nothin' free
By Bob Hartman
Based on Rom. 7:15

I have a secret that I let nobody see
An evil shadow that's been hanging over me
My alter ego that I try to hold
Survivors of systematic persecution continue to suffer
Like cowards society turns away
It doesn't involve us so we don't care
Driven from their homes
spirit gives up
Don't surrender your love

And the world will survive
If we stand side by side
One day hope will arrive
Now I must say goodbye
You in your shell
Are you waiting for someone to rescue you 
From yourself
Don't be disappointed when no one comes

Don't blame me you didn't