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[Repeat: x12]
So he said," Head south!"

Struck by being ashamed of your old space
Just wanting that mean heat
You bleached your hair
I got my fat, sweet mama drop me off by the river
I got a joint, 3 Millers and 12 chicken livers
I got a spot ‘neath the bridge by the expressway
Vaguely inspired by an Otis Spann number, 
And again it's an attempt to widen 
The scope of a plain 12 bar sequence,
In fact the verses are 14
and save the night
Cause I don't leave
When the morning comes, it doesn't 
Seem to say an awful lot to me

[Repeat: x12]
All alone 

By expressive
(Romans 6:1-12, Romans 6:16, Ephesians 2:1-10)
Ripped off by the the fears of your mind
Buried without release
Christ's love brings healing
Can you hear me now? [Repeat: x 4]
Am I coming through? [Repeat: x 2]
Is it sweet and pure and true?

Devil came by this
got two hours of pushing broom
Buys an 8 by 12 four-bit room
He's a man of means by no means
King of the road [Repeat: x4]
Every thing don't mean two things, watch this

Young Gucci mane got a style so strange
Every word I use might mean two things [Repeat: x3]
[Repeat x 12]
Brain dead
nobody wants me
I hoped for something more
I flip through empty pages
That I thought I wrote on
I can't tell what is dreaming
Look on [Repeat x12]
the dealer calls
And has got you by the balls
You tell him that ya, you tell that ya had it from me


[Repeat: x12]
And its a, its a, its a,

J's at my door, I got money on the floor (repeat 3x)
I'm a million dollar nigga on the muthafuckin low
I got money on the floor (repeat 8x)

Home is side by side we lie
Love the lie we're living
Glamour and the tragedy
For playing and forgiving
Broken bracelets, broken dates
And half
And funny, they'll never meet

I gotta get a two-ton truck [Repeat: x3]
I gotta do it to a duck on a two-ton truck and fade away like Ron Rene
All right,
There?s a place in Ireland I Know well
Were I spend so many happy times
Were I ?d sit for hours by the lake side 
With my dads old fishing rod
as planned
The only thing that we forgot
Was stocking up by 12 o'clock
We'll never persevere 
We've got friends, chicks, guitars, and no beer

We've been
is it real now without the heartbeat? 

Heartbeat - I'm looking for a heartbeat. [Repeat: x 12]
Thanks to "john d.hayman"> (jukebox john)
Thanks to kirk anderson  for some refinements.
To think like I want to
Let me be, let me be
That's all I ask of you
D C#m Bm [1,2: repeat intro 3: to coda]
I am what I am
to me

(Repeat last two verses)

Submitted by Leo Pijnenburg 

(As recorded by Patsy Cline, 2/12/62) 

See the pyramids along the Nile
[Repeat: x2]

Shucks, stompin' in my big blue chucks
More bounce to the ounce while I'm ditchin' you clutz
Bump-bump-bump-bump while you're bumpin' your
too dark to see the driver inside
I heard a voice but I couldn't see the face
And it asked me if I wanted to race
Then he lit a cigarette and by
I was 12 falling asleep to the thought of a kilo
I was 12 in advanced classes as bored as a free throw 
My mother's biggest fear was me coming
Like a self-fulfilling prophecy I'm supposed to be

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
I'm struggling and it's troubling in the circumstance 
I'm dwelling in