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towards this all it takes
We are only moving by remote control
Find your case and ran
Come on out and show me something no one knows
Finally take your
all expendable
Electronically erased
By your

Drones, (killed by)
Drones (killed by)

You kill by remote control
The world is
(I got) remote control, a basic need is such?
Come on be real! Come on be real!
The human touch, no precious thing for me at all
(I got) remote
by suspended by the sky

Takes more imagination
When every thing's remote control
For me it's just a case of what's on the other side of clothes
of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse to the law
And no-one kills the children anymore
And no one
Kicking in your door
You can relax on both sides of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse
The sun dying on a dusty room
TV lying to me through the gloom
Even remote control
Can't change this mood

Get outta London, while the getting's good
watching in the darkness of his home...
Watching you, watching me
Six remote controls
So he can sit back on his ass
And watch the world from his perch
say something?
Don't just walk on by
I'm a fool to let you go

So now you want me, my arms around you?
I can't think
You've got remote control
it that ain't love by remote control

Move over Madonna, give it up, Baby Lou
She'd never been rich, never been famous like you
She's hot
the chip inside my lap top
All the variations you could do with me
Nicer than the girl up in your mind you're free
Automatic crystal remote control, we
have the power remote control
One look from you and my blood runs cold
You've put my heart on hold, freeze frame
You've put my heart on hold, freeze
Now change the channel you're remote control
And the tune goes on eternally

For those who share the fear
On a frequency for you and me
gives me a nuclear reaction
Takes me to places where she guarantees to satisfy
Electric rhythm from my head down to my toes

By remote control she'll
date M6, photographs on Columbia/Ruffhouse description green 

with blue ears sky blue shirt that work by remote controls 

Burn up Billboard charts,
and clean it
Don't you stop 'til I tell you when

Got a feeling something's taken hold
'Cause I'm flying by remote control
No misunderstanding
Before I
on ya life like a remote control
Have you traveling down the same bumpy tore up road
Now close friends and relatives they should be constantly by ya
crystal remote control,
They come to move your soul

You´re gonna fade into the background
Like a better smoke´ll bring you back round
Like a man
Well I had a dream that I received a prophecy
Predictions and vision to be written by me
But I didn't want them to come true, I was afraid
So I
got remote control and a color T.V.
I don't change channels so they must change me
I got real close friends that will get me high
They don't know how
Tried to pawn a remote control as a motorola
Got it beat bop pubu pull lip and tug
Pooky and snoop-snoop and some other thug
Blacked out in the crack
the mainstream
Cities on remote control
Meanwhile vigilante gangs
Dig their fangs into the streets
They've overthrown
While plastic faces
Run for king
You and me and she and he and he
And we agree to be happy happy happy
And we will be completely in control

We want to go to Paradise, everyone
slouch B, cause off the meter's how my clout be

[Erick Sermon]
Indeed, I'm amazing when I ?
Got the crowd doing shit by remote control

Coming high
Riddle fit to hit, put together bit by bit
Like a do-it-yourself kit
Then I'll hold your soul on a remote control
So-called MC's will freeze so