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I sell it by the bottle
Oh I'll make it last all night
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow (yeah, what?)
Oh, oh oh oh I got the remedy

Oh, we let it go
I can lead this thing
Cause baby, I ain't trippin' on the meaningless same game

Never let none test, one flesh
Niggas there by step 'til death
and be so damn smiley,
For then I wont worry about tomorrow,
Because tomorrow only brings pain and sorrow.

Here I go getting deep into my mind again
your bed,

(And all it) took was one look to get them thoughts out your head,
(And then ya') fall right to sleep without a worry in mind,
(That's why
Still leave these sucka ass niggas in hearses
By the way, I finally sucked my own dick


Live from my grand-mama's basement
Camp Crystal Lake,