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Whatever you want I've been willing to try
But whatever I do you're not satisfied
Why don't you admit that I'm not what you need
So I can find
The girl sits all alone
A candle burns
She's thinking for herself
Will I ever learn?

She is almost blue, she still loves you
But knows when
I painted with rain the sight of the daybreak, 
As being in need of a momentary remake 
The life I am leading is the way of depravity, 
A threat
Your heart
Before I fall to my knees?
I know it's time to pray for change
Give all I have to give
I want to love You better than this

So renew me
wall that I stare into
It's getting old
Give me faith to reach for the new
Pull me apart and do me all over
I'll need a re-make
To make up for my
try to take stand, but it seems to never end in this place, 
I'm gnawed down to bone, by the time I get alone, 
Do I even know my own face

on mine
You are not allowed to not even try

One day at a time you'll have to remake 
The same decision as the one I made last night

You and I have
A rare remake realized
And if you fall too soon
I'll carry you

And I know that I have it all in the same way as you do
But we all take
Pull me apart and do me all over
I'll need a re-make
To make up for my mistakes

The I is lost in me
But I am ready to give you The M,
It might even be
Like all the things we try
Aye aye
I know where it’s headed and so

I forfeit my time
And wait while you re-make up your mind up
So tell me
If you
Who drains the blood from my head I do, I do
Who comes through with the meds I do, I do
Blackened seeds you're gonna needs these, freeze
The common
Now I chase you and tease you trying to remake you my own
But you just turn away and say "please leave me alone."

And I'm a tangled up puppet
spend a little time with my family
And then we all get together just for a bite to eat and to cool out
That's when I gotta go somewhere by myself, I need
It's never been my duty to remake the world at large,
Nor is it my intention to sound a battle charge,
'Cause I love you more than all of that with
getting it on

I want something to believe in
When it all comes crashing down
Re-make the world no pain, no violence
Turn up the volume till there's total
terrified that you just might disappear when you die
And that there is no difference between right or wrong

Elimination of the modern nation
No need for
Get real, deep, so you can keep involved
Revolve and solve, so you can make the calls
Like a supervisor he who is wiser than the others
'Cause they need
just some gangsta boogie
You now rocking with the best, Compton's finest with finesse
By the dress code and approach, you can tell I bang the left
All the mistakes I made I made because
I didn't know myself very well
And by this stage I feel like I really shouldn't know myself
I'm forced into
sparking brain cells til they're sparkling 

No one knows the time passing by.

I remake my universe every time I use a verse 
To fulfill my destiny,
around in my head

I never had the chance
There was no letting up
It was over before I put the key in the door

I stayed all night til
feel this
We on a world tour ?

I need a hand in the air right now, yeah
We on a world tour Wale your man hustlin' in each 
And every ghetto with
* remake of Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded"

Yeah old school part one feel it
The realest, Who be the realest
Them niggaz stay
re-make it
You a fool thinkin' that Freddy can see Jason
I been iced out like who the fuck need Jacob
The doc told me to be patient but I walked
this when I take your mind out to Venus 

With the formats on DAT tape you can't remake or duplicate 

Hesitate for a minute on deck like Brenlee