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Better made than European's robot John H. Thomas 

Model seven decimal put out by Jaguar 

without the automatic chemical release 

emergency vomit
tie wearin' bolo champ
Comin' straight out the box with a bolo champ'
Yo he a beast with the sugar and yeast, mix it in pots
Like the way his release
the shallow water, a bad executive decision 

Release the crack and please put down your skin flutes 

How could you...motherfuckers think ya 

To this
In '95 this rap style was impressive
By 2005 most rappers lost the message
2014, rappers wearing dresses
Shit is tough to look at like airplane
Overcome by your 
Moving temple 
Overcome by this 
Holiest of altars 
So pure 
So rare 
To witness such an earthly goddess 
That I've lost my self