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By Thy blood, by Thy blood
By Thy blood, by Thy blood

Thou art worthy to take the book
To open the seals thereof
For Thou was slain and has redeemed
Thee and Thy False Aten.
The Ancient Ones Turn Their Backs upon Thee.
Thou Art Cast Down, Overthrown.
Thy Reign of Heresy is Ended.
Those Thou Hast
I'm thy blood abominated abd spilled
By the works of darkness and hatred
I'm abyssic flames infernal fire of dafamation
Which burns and brands
punish its deceivers
Thou art immortal reign of terror and seductive pain

From the darkness
The moon dwelleth I
And all kaos rise
Behold now, the power I wield that comes from my soul
Crimson reign, reign through the fire of bodies I claim

Legions of darkness I call unto
me the powers of the nocturnal arts
Dance the circle
Unite us in spirit
And bring forth to us thy forbidden pleasures
Brought to life by the pagan
have waited, but now thou art mine
I know that nothing is forever, and that dawn will do us apart
I shed no tears or sorrow, I have kept thy midnight
And Torturing Your God
As The Nails Are Ripped Through Flesh
I Reign Upon The Mountain That Is The Skull
Light Has Fallen, Darkness Engulfs

This Name Never To Be
Wherein evil sought the shamed
As pawns in greater stakes
Across this cosmic game
To win the hand of darkness and
Set her in her rightful place

Cursed is
Ravashed by the darkness, the dusk's purest of lights

Blood is now spattered, across the whole dark sky
Dusk shall now wash it, with darkness and with night
Join in for a dance with the dead
A ceremonial requiem for the gods
When the moon is drained by all its light
On burial ground we gather in the night
coming to fast to repel, into the pit of dispel
Leaving the body and soul, into the darkness you go
Uncalled by name destroy you, and naught exist no

In tranquility
I fly into eternity
The silence is broken
By my screams

Oh, mysterious night, thou art my silent mistress
Make me once more
into thy dark and hollow eyes
You take me down where cold silence dwell
Unconscious darkness realms of demise
You are born at my grace to serve only me
Down on the battlefield he's lost
And on the battlefield it ends

War and anger shall reign
The clash of iron can be heard
By blindness you're
The unextinguished flame
The nectar ov Thy rage
I taste from the cup ov fornication
And woman by my side
And scarlet is her skin
She's eager to rise
And so eager
in his hands swept by flames of fire

Come thou who art at the horizon
Who unveils the secret place and unfolds the fathomless depths of the earth
came to an end
No war could ease my hunger
By craving death I was
To darkness reborn

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
darkness in thy rising

"Weltmacht oder Niedergang"
upon me in shame and
Forever tethered in your thoughts and I
Yet without being consumed in thy reflection
For thou art luciferia, my enchantress
Black gate of the mortal
Sabbath held in thy honor, summon the anti-god
Is there nothing sacred, is there nothing pure?
Cool winds are abound me,
shall triumph
And live by the sign of

Blood, fire, death

The moment is chosen
The battlefield is bare
Take now thy stand people
The true ones
Even a man who is pure in the heart
And speaks in prayer by night
May become a wolf when the wolf's bane blooms
And the winter moon is bright"
Disapproval by the faithful, lords sedition from the papal

Murder god and Jesus pieces
Everyone of them deleted
Slit the throat of their

Like a lonely candle burning
I blaze as the darkness emerging
And I yield for the art to bleed

When the moon is drained by all its light