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Decked out in blue, white, and red 
And iron maidens will slam 
And by the half light of burning republics 
Joe Stalin looks just like Uncle Sam
burn, for the essence in the game
The +Tru Reign+, some fell upon the one
want to BOOM BAP, I bring style by the ton
No pain, no fun, let's creep out
out your candle, have Wu-Tang tagged up on your tombstone by Jandel 

Release the info, 4-4 increase your heart tempo 

Scared your ass, you jumped
your head wide open 
Hopin  to spot  a chip in this frame 
I lived and died by the burnin flame 
Of the OK Corral  Cowboy style 
From the Quarters
you couldn't be saved by John the Pope
Money is the bible, couldn't care about a idol
If you're goin' for the title than it's kinda suicidal
the Rescuer, The King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
Deserves more than your applause
King Jesus say His name cause he reigns why'all
For mankind, sin made
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggas still respect my game so celestials respect my space
And I just might be in