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And if I see that ass in the club I'm a step to her like

Hey regular girl
Do you like regular men
Somebody said you was a 7
Right here we
in the eye
And tell him Straight up im just a regular guy (ill have her home by 9 sir)

I'm a regular guy who stays out of trouble( let me get that
of regular today
I cannot face another girl, I believe I'll turn to drink
So I won't remember, so I won't have to think
Tomorrow will bring happiness or,
I feel complete
Stop speculating, I?m a regular girl
All independent women know
We got the guts to run the show
Don?t let no boy tell you nothing
are the Souls
Blinded by the Warrior Dreams
Finds the star invisible
To most of the regular Men and Slaves

and The Master serves Him

Leaves then for
I want a girl whose heart has been broken by a love that has passed her by
I want a girl whose lips have been taken by lips that have kissed
And they're all real happy 
A couple of year go by 
She's going to see the doctor 
It's just a regular checkup (oh no) 
Plus she thinks she might be
all cool
It's OK
We've got everything going our way
Can't complain if we're alright
It's all good

I'm just a regular Joe, with a beautiful girl
out and gettin' loud all summer long
Side by side there's five houseboat front porches
Astroturf, lawn chairs and tiki torches
Regular joes, rockin'
When by the phone
In vain you sit
You very soon in your mind realize that it's not just
An ordinary pain in your heart

When you by chance
smoke blunts on the regular fuck when it counts
Tryin to make a million dollars out a quarter ounce
Gettin ghost on the five-oh, fuck them hoes
When by the phone
In vain you sit
You very soon in your mind realize that it's not just
An ordinary pain in your heart

When you by chance
Go knock
the pain
The monkey on her back is now a gorilla
Fiending for a hit knowing one day it's goin' kill her
The clinic didn't help (nope) she just another
the basket with plastic 
I smoke blunts on the regular fuck peelin' caps 
Tryin' to make a million dollars out a quarter ounce 
Gettin' chased by the five O
the whole thing was such a surprise

I know you and your hear crazy notions
Your pretty girls and no devotions
Down by the ocean middle class
Down by the gulf
It was regular stuff like Perry and Thrust
Ain't out of the blue like we usually do
So me and Angelo came around about seven
With stars in our
my style

Send me on a regular fatal attraction
I like it, I like it, and now he's gone

I know the pain gets harder on the radio
The feeling
love and pain two
I want it all
I want it all

Girl the sex so good I ain't trippin' bout what you're really talkin' bout
And you flex so hood you
the women's club and the social leads and the regular attendants every time
For the lost abandoned child by your northside entrance left alone to die
Your daily pain on your back
I never go away
I fuck you every day

I persecute you, I annoy you
I mandate you, And I enslave you

It's your
Not the best not the worst
You are cursed by a regular life
the question still remain

Can you love somebody loved by everybody?
Can you love somebody when they're everybody's girl?
Can you love somebody loved by
easy street
I'm on easy, easy street

Seeing as how
I'm a regular guy
Watching the girls
Of the evening go by
I got me a chance
And I'm making it
dippy girls
With prodigious butts
So lay with the lover
Snuggle up under the cover
And I'll ease your pain
So let it rain
Let it rain

Step in from the rain
It's the nightingales on 2nd avenue and I can't complain
It's a busy night
The regulars know me but all the same they decide