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the mirror
I don't even recognize myself
Got the heart of a winner
But looking back at me is someone else
No regrets
No regrets
No point in crying over
Written by: Bob Curiano

(Marc & Michael)
After what I said I'm sorry
Can't believe I said we're through
Don't know what got into me girl
Guess I'm just
not alone
Anywhere you go, I follow
We are the children of the sun
That's all you need to know

Bitch I'm a moon walker like Michael, sky walk all over
Black and blue
Or your heavens,
Cherry Blossoms?

But what do you cover
With your ocean of colors?

Secrets? Regrets?

Who are you
many faces but none of 'em mirror me 

Show my ID to the punk ass security 
Step on the quad lookin' for the track squad 
Walked by a bitch who think
faces but none of 'em mirror me
show my ID to the punk ass security
Step on the quad lookin' for the track squad
walked by a bitch who think she's God
Reflex flex, regret niggaz regress to less than recoup
When recording, I wreck, records
Reflect stupid, it's so much more than just another rap and sample
niggas couldn't stick it
Forget it, you regret you ever stepped to this man, so bet
I recollect, a-mic-checka 1-2 and what you're thinkin'?
I want
I show no remorse like a necromanic raping a corpse
Up the anal passage while contracting genital warts

My metaphor's are twisted like that game