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a symphony
Played by a cemetery
in the center of Queens

You said, remember that life is
Not meant to be wasted
We can always be chasing the sun!
So fill up
of the Vodoun faith
Revenge in store for enemies they hate
Soon to die awaiting to arise

Doomed to die by a malevolent curse
Carnival of chaos
get to the flowers red death by division don't call it
Jealousy it's an exercise in infection control insanity's masterpiece split
At the seams
I'm holding here a book 
Notable, but not the greatest 
Stolen for me by the latest in a long line of thieves 
And I'm just about to drop it down
She is a girl driven mad by the relentless forces of the beyond
He will not relent, as he comes for her again and again

I put my hearse in reverse,

And the grave-digger's smiling 
At his reflection in his spade 
He's visiting the seediest 
The shallowest of graves 
The vocal chords
Let the lights direct you now
Narcissus in a red dress
You're like all the rest, I know
I know

Behave and like the Virgin Queen
You're just
of mourning

Now the lands fall grey, devils revel and obey
A cruel beauty drifted from a dark novella
The queen of hearts tarred
By the cards she's swift
Blackstar came in effect, when Alycia gave a tape to Mos def 
Reflection Eternal was next on deck, 
My crew the best and we prooved it. 
We knew our music
The Queens Courthouse right next to the cemetery
Niggas' rap sheets look like obituaries
You be starving in Kew Gardens
Bolognas and milk from a small
day while you re-up chop
When we land in yo city, they feed us lunch
We touch down like 1, 2, 3 hut hut
I’m reflection of this, I learned these
Incognito, my little female circus rider
From Exotik Park would have to go

Rainy weather by the river
Snake paths in the grass
The child with
on the terms
Surround yourself with greatness
Found myself standin in a room full of mirrors
And even my reflections disrespects you like a freshmen during
and men and people
For some it's good and some, stupid evil
For Kings and Queens and El Presidente
Or passer-by and spy or could wind up in the cemetery
this hallowed ground as beneath the
Grey clouds the forest was rent. Moving slowly, in deliberation
And respect for the dead, I am revulsed by the scene
my sleeves, I take my life like any way I can fetish
That's my fact
Snatch it, only as directed
Snatch it, 'cause I got the queen's tits
Up my
Dying by my hand

A black age of fire
Brief in its vicious eloquence
Removing the dross
Love will arise from the ashes of your loss

Was only fifteen should've been a beauty queen
See here cryin' by the caskets when her parents got killed
Little girl don't cry
'Cause even though
meets oj with two hands
And two gloves, that's too snug
To judge who was, who drew blood

And, lupe look at all these toucans
In a cemetery full
plans witnessed a man die
Was only fifteen, should have been a beauty queen, still
See her crying by the caskets when her parents got killed
down 'til the cemetery, my whole life
My old life, don’t worry 'bout it
It’s been buried

And you’ve got my heart and my soul in your hands
a fool to fall in lust with this evil ge-nius
She had me by the nuts
She ain't got shit but man she loves it plush
Whippin I whip, and suckin up I
indigenous these streets been our land
You not supposed to see death this early in the morning
If God is an American, then God must be lonely
More killed by
I can roll you in velvet my queen of the dammed
Take you home to a place that you won't understand
You can take what you want, you can take all you
the skin across her hip
I feel my tongue slip in into her rip
A knee or a leg
It don't matter to me
'Cause dancing through the cemetery gots me in