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Havin' nothin' but fun
And we reelin'
Reelin' and a-rockin'
Reelin' and rockin', workin' by the break of dawn

Looked down at my watch, and it
California where us youngstas slang that cocaine 

and we be hoppin it up and choppin it up and rockin it up 

to tens  twenties  fifties  and hundreds
heart just like I first came out of long I
As the seconds go by allow me just to speak my
Thoughts on many topics all pertaining to the most high
on the turntables
Ant Live I don't need you collectin the dough
And Little Daddy since you my brother
get yo' ass on in here
Cause we gettin ready to take things
the gang truce
[Keith] Gangstas flop, they go pop like Shabba-Doo
[Chino] They be perpetratin live, like they wild on the avenue
[Keith] Gangstas flop,
Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Volume 2

Yeah, broadcasting live from Harlem, New York
Let the truth be known

You better watch what the fuck
and I'll do the hop
Cough up a lougie shake break and boogie
Cause I got a home girl that's giving out nougies
Mr George Bush was on my floor 
learn (I'm high)

I use my Colt 45 to shoot down your Olde English
By the time that I'm finished I peel the caps off six Guinness
Skwad Training helps
on you
I'm the realist in the biz, how you livin'?
'Cause you can get it how you live
And while you livid, I'm a say my pull out game is so real
I still