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[E-40 talking]
Testing, testing...testing testing
Uh, Sick Wid It, Sick Wid It
707, Sick Wid It Records, Sick Wid It
Click shit, Click shit nigga
record companies, with checks made out to me (aight?)
Since a baby member industry, rule 4080, so I'll just peep carefully
But I'm comin through, what
rich with no cash on the bigger label 
Your tri-state ways are shut down by barricades 
In fact I packed my bags, and listened to E-40 
Mac Mall,
and listened to E-40 
Mac Mall, see-Bo, and other rappers you don't know 
You're narrow-minded and styles of mind you won't find it 
My sound proceeds with
Trying to make it
It's been a long road
Sic-Wid-It Records

[Master P & E-40]
Oh! (C'mon, ooh)
Y'all feel that? (I feel it playboy, I
crazy cash I recoup
Nowadays I just troop in my green Legend coupe

Record companies try to juice me for my papers
They offer me a mule and about
label an business that uh didn't want us to shine
it was me an my potna from Suave House Records
Tony Draper, E-40, an The Click
8-Ball, an MJG gettin
ass, the record gets scrapped
Oh, the record gets scrapped, the record gets scrapped

[Outro: E-40]
And there you have it
into the Phoenix 

Blinded don't test me I already received my G.E.D. 

Scored in the top .5 percentile in the country, quite easily 

Record mode set
Murderous, corporate monsters is breaking records
Exxon is at forty billion a year--they raking in record profits, stop it
How they banking while the auto
*burrrp, burp*
Yeah, focus pocus, skiggedy-skat
It ain`t nuttin' but me
That nigga E-40
Finna sprinkle some of you fools with some of this
this out

Raised in the heart of the ghetto, dipping and dodging the metro
Pitching the ? and coke that's what I use to pedal
Heavy metal,
of demons

[Verse 1]
Midwestside was record company comprised of all friends
who grew up together and shared ends
Nobody stepped on nobody's toes
Doing our thing in Queens
We had dreams about being emcees
And there was no concern about so and so
And these record companies
But now we all are
Yeah, focus pocus, skiggedy-skat
It ain't nuttin but me
That nigga E-40
Finna sprinkle some of you fools with some of this
This G-A-M-E man some
I'm the original B-I-Z
The Emeza-Emeza-Emeza-Emeza-A-Rrah-K-I-E
Everywhere I go, I always G
I'm thinkin somethin that you never could see
Sticky icky doo-hickey smokin on a spliffy mickie
Think he mixin some hash with some of that Humboldt County grass
With dis sleazy from Union
the man with the plan
Mic in his hand and a fresh skit
R-O-U-G-H-E-R, rougher! So here we are
Face to face, mic to mic, man to man
While your battle
a no no
Me on you picture that like a photo

Back it up like a garbage truck
Ass like Amber Rose
Bouncing up and down like a pogo stick
to act
A few niggas get paid e'rybody want a piece
Shit start goin' wrong e'rybody wanna leave
Record sales low e'rybody wanna beef
(No matter where I
Sounding like the only hip hop you've heard is top 40

And your record company is completely missing it
All the kids are dissing it for not
To stand in front of a traveling freight train
Are you trained, to go against Dracula
Dragging the record industry by my fangs
AK clips, money clips
of my sweatshirt 

Bone 2 the bone 2 the bad 2 the bad 2 the bone
Hit bound from the Mo-town allen
Fuck a 40 I drink it by the gallon 
I started out
a gangsta
Disrespectin the mob I gotta bang ya
An everyday, cituation when I was caught by
Fuck a car, I do a muthafuckin walk by
When the G to the A-M-E
of the record company dropping me  Press be asking do I care for sodomy  I don't know, yeah, probably  I've been looking for serial monogamy  Not some bird that