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Is dying to meet you ('cause they all told me so!)
And Tojo booked you HoJo's bridal suite.

Light a candle with a star,
Turn around, and there you
to come
Waiting, waiting with nowhere to run
Waiting, waiting is this the sum total of my life?

I'm blown by the day winds of fluorescent light
No chance
Trad. arr. Hazel O'Connor - Cormac De Barra

One morning fair as I took the air
Down by Blackwater Side
And when staring all around me
An Irish lad I
Hazel O'Connor

Sitting on the sunny shoreline, see some driftwood
Come to rest
Worn out by the tides, born up by its endless rides
Never free, just
The reason why I'm not with you
I thought you didn't want to be with me
I stayed up all last night
Tryin' to figure why you slammed the door on me
might be leaving soon

For a club or just a taxi home
I'd like to be in a taxi by her
Take a chance, make my move
Could be knocked back and they would all
[Originally by Gorilla Biscuits]

No reason why!
You're always on my back about what I mean to do
And all your talk is bothering me just wait until
One more reason to die
You'd be blood with no regrets
English words, they won't forget
Crimes of passion, cigarettes
Move by night he won't
find the reason in your eyes

I know sometimes you wish that you were free
I know sometimes you wonder what you're doing here with me
But something
gone I'm not the same

And you
Give me one more reason
One more reason to die
Give me one more reason to die

You be blood, with no regrets
Love's in your hands I swear
Love's in your hands

When that train rolls by
I will save your life

Stay with me Eleanor
Stay with me Eleanor
more times than Sinead O'Connor
Huh huh, cool, like Butthead and Beavis
Truer than the Mack but I'm downer than he is
And that police chief named
more reason
One more reason to die

Yo'be blood with no regrets
English words, they won't forget
Crimes of passion, cigarettes
Move by night he
you a young man with so many reasons why
There but for fortune, may go you or go I -- you and I.
Show me the whiskey stains on the floor,
Show me
to stand by him
To keep his mind from leaving
I need the same thing to
I need you to be my reason

I need you to be
All of everything to me
To let me
Call me up, if I'm home
Don't say too much, I might be upset
Let us agree to differ
We're consumed by competition

Having fun is my reason for
more reason
One more reason to die
Yo'be blood with no regrets
English words, they won't forget

Crimes of passion, cigarettes
Move by night he
pretty tonight
Hold on now let's go till morning

Get up on love and stand by me
Stand by love, stand by me

I'm a shell shocked lover, under cover
the one is you and me is blue
I gotta know the reason why
the one is blue and me is you 
you gotta know the reason 
what is this gone I wonder
The world comes down on me

Without you in my life
I'd slowly wilt and die
But with you by my side
You're the reason I'm alive
But with you in my life
she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me
I was a child and she was a child
In this kingdom by the sea

But we loved with
Relax take your shoes off 
Relax what's your hurry 
As the days go hurrying-scurrying by 
You'll find yourself finding a reason 
To watch
If you could look my way
You'd know that I exist
And then you'd realize
I'm waiting to be kissed
By you baby
Tell me what went wrong
With our
Everyone comes from
One father one mother
So why do we complicate
Our lives so much
By being at war with each other

Mm, maybe I'm crazy
But I
to this reason to believe 

Got a handful of burning questions
Living with the burden of good intentions
Having spent years reading between the lines