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a go tell yu something 
Hear mi 

[Chorus: x2]
Mi nuh wha nuh Man Royal gal, gal 
Gimmi di gal dem wid di real born serial 
Gal come a dance dress
so, he's so real to me. 

I'll lay down my burden (down by) 
Down by the riverside (down by) 
Down by the riverside (down by) 
Down by
for sore eyes}

Situation wasn't quite that cool
Seven years ago we've both been fools
But I'm real enough to let you know
That I'm never gonna let
want the R hit
But watch the God get

Quicker, the tongue is the trigger
'Cause I'm real fast
Let off some rhythm at 'em
Let 'em feel the blast
Seem all the fellas understand what it feel 
'Cause it's a Nubian Jam and everything's real 

Seem all the fellas understand what it feel 
want the R hit
But watch the God get

Quicker, the tongue is the trigger
'Cause I'm real fast
Let off some rhythm at 'em
Let 'em feel the blast
seven tickets, under counterfeitas.
Three cities a week, droppin' needles.
Like the black Beatles take heed, what you need is 

Jesus (The
I pray when I marry my wife'll have one of your skillz
But mom you could never be replaced
I'd give my life up
Just to see you one more day
if we keep flirtin' fate &
hurtin' with hate. Time to grow up, get real, come on
We can ressurect the world by the lights early dawn
What so proudly
This is a test
Of the boogie down production
Prevention against sucka MC's
In the event of a real emergency
You would have been instructed
Got a real fine freak with a real big butt
She gets real ill when she hears my cut
Got two Cadillac's one blue, one gold
With straps on the back
Jurrasic 5 Together
Hey yo my quality control, captivates your party patrol
Your mind, body, and soul

For whom the bell tolls, let the rhythm
Busters get shot trying to plot
Blew the dice hit them twice hit a seven
Now Snoop watch me trip when I back your eleven
Mix for licks to double
(*background is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," performed by the group Metal Church*)


[Verse 1]
You could strike a match in my hand
I'm the man

We got real def rhythms and fresh new jams
If ya think we've got egos well we're just hams
Scott plays stickball and likes to skate
technical difficulties
 Please stand by"

[speaking in Spanish left untranslated]

Auto four six seven five four three
Equals, the levels, of nobody in this
featuring Nate Dogg 

Warren G- 

1, 2 buckle my shoe, 

3, 4 we gotta hit the store, 

5, 6 back in the mix, 

7, 8 Warren G and Nate,
tour bus
Y'all hoes follow us
Party pack pills man
Hoes gonna swallow us
Naturally a loner
But love my kid
Mix the soda with the cola
I can buy me
if you ain't got that pin number dummy, you can't call me
To hook up with Mix you gotta call that number
Then sit by the phone and wonder
Will he
And the flyin' Zambinis watch Margarita do her neck twist
And the ringmaster gets the crowd to count along, ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-seven
On the benches, while we hitting reefer, he sold loosies
Five foot seven, a legend was born, Russell 'Ason" Jones
I know him for his braids and lessons
A wise
meet your fate
I'm with Carlito's Way, rollin with the real
Protected to infinity in a security shield

Chorus: (2x)
I want it all
Surrounded by techs
[Intro - Sir Mix-A-Lot (Female voice)]
(Peek a boo)
This is the true story about a young lady I know
(Peek a boo)
A walkin' zombie, product
we givin y'all five seconds to get close to a exit
It's about to get real ugly in here
Five seconds is up - let's go!

Throw the hands up (uh, uh,