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waitin, for?
[Jay + Mike:] After me, there shall be no more
So, for one last time, nigga, make some noise
Mike:] Get em, Jay

Jay: Who you know fresher
waitin, for?
[Jay + Mike:] After me, there shall be no more
So, for one last time, nigga, make some noise
[Mike:] Get em, Jay

[Jay:] Who you know
(see me)
My Jeans be never slippin'
Paparazzi I might stop and take a picture in em
Yeah, we be fresh every day
And if you're lookin' for me lil' daddy
A Cadillac and a stack, for the King Darryl Mack
Not workin' for free, pocket full with a G
And they always ask me, D.M.C., "How'd ya do it Dee?"
On the go
leaves the cut
For his eyes a surprise, "D.M.C. whats up?"

I need a little help Jay, I got a little problem
A guy like yourself, maybe you can help me
They want G shit, give it to 'em

If you don't know me let me tell you something, shawty
Still got that chopper, make you run for it
Camouflage, dog tags
Pass the safe before I blaze the place and hit six shots just in case 


Yeah, yeah, yeah, for nine six, the only MC with
"G" stands for girl-like Gangsta

'H' stands for hold up
'I' don't want ya tryna run up on me
Like a 'J'ay
Can't believe he showed up
G-Unit, G-G-G-G, G-Unit

Now I told ya'll on my first Dre joint I am loco
Betta than so so the games in the choke hold
Dissin' me is a no no I perfected
And I cared not for the night
While my guiding star shone bright
G            C
By still waters I lay down
I lay down.

D   G     D Dsus   C
to get cha then hit cha then bury Ya
We be tha trillest so nigga you scared of Us
Creepin like redas and shootin our Predata's
Always be ready for when I
(let me warm it up for ya)

Who better to usher you back through the gutter
Than America's number one hustler (Sean Carter)
Don't call it
It's jumping off in H-Town, baby

Strictly for the funk lovers, give it to me

And we really want the whole world to see
How it goes

We want
P.I.G., and several other New York rappers
Jay-Z, from "Hawaiian Sophie" fame, Big Little whatever
And several other corny sounding motherfuckers
of 12 actors named Cory
Shows for next fall, they already been namin
CSI: Boise, and Touched by an Uncle
Both sound pretty lamen, and so does everybody
by the window, wit an AK ready for niggas wit their gunplay 
Cap peelers, drug dealers, I thought you knew 
that if you fuck wit one of my niggas
"G-G-G-G-G-G-Get retarded"

Yo- niggas is phony frontin' like they Master of Ceremonies
None of you suckers are even remotely close to me
To be
(don't fuck with me)
My last go, the radio struck me with a low blow
Now I'm doin it like a G.O.

(Go, go, go, go, go)
(Let's make em an offer they
Clingin' for dear life, nigga you dead right

Since you was a baby coward
We been sprinklin' the world with baby powder
+So Fresh and So Clean+
on purpose
My nephew's situated, and my mama's straight
So I'm ready for whatever drama should come our way
And you f***ers rapping to me, so your drama is
I opened up fire on the ride G 
Who I was shootin' for was standin' right behind me 
I had a double barrel pointed at my ass 
Could this be the end
when it's time to flip

You only flippin' when you hit by a gun of mines
You broke and you want to shine, you in a dollar van
I'm in a oh-five G
You do you I do me
And we keep it like a G
Pass me that Hennessey
Fa Sho

Niggas get ready it's time to explore
The world
I left them
Back and exact never wack no more jetset
Run made a return, D makin' me earn
Jay gotta play on the radio we burn
Hotter than a fire,
Gunny, Hey yo Jay wharrup fan, ya? 
D block, hey you ready, if you ready go in or what?
Yeah, I clip up the nigger, Johnny, 
Can I get any higher,