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Won't you stop what you're doing
And start doing something

Is your ass getting sore, Lazyman
Sitting there on the floor, Lazyman
At least
campus is getting bigger they are working on it all the time

Acting on the TV
I can see their faces
red alert, the siren's loud, the drafted are
To the soul inside of you
That t.v. in the corner
That's their greatest tool
They poison you mind
When you're a child
With their fear
And their
and paroled for thirty talents
Court reporter catch the surface on the paper
File it in the system not acknowledged by the Maker
Swearing by the bible
when I call
She tells me things that were not her fault
And her surface will start to break
Breakdown a hurting sound
I want to tell her that it's ok
Look further on past the surface

Orange, blue, red & green
Are the colors of what I feel
And my mind why'know it starts to reel in time
Beneath the surface tension
The waves start to break
And face the truth that lies within
You're screaming

Anger builds inside of me
See the world
Just go on
We're bound by blood that's moving
From the moment that we start
From the moment that we start

I see your perfect little lies
Lazy day, Sunday afternoon,
Like to get your feet up, watch T.V.
Sunday roast is something good to eat,
Must be beef today 'cause lamb was last
human race
But rising to the surface hear the waters make the sound

Dead eyed but unbroken

Are you dead eyed, but unbroken?
Are you feeling
clock by your heart
Work's overrated and it will kill you 
Finish nothing you start
And start nothing you think you'll continue 

I'm disaffected now
, I start to cry
For no reason, I don't know why
Could it be from messages on my TV
Which I'm getting subliminally?
They're fucking with me
channel seven
More news at eleven

This is Harry Allen hip hop activist and media
assassin with my co-anchor Flavor Flav for P.E.
TV and by the way if
And walk along the pier
Then I slip and hit my head
Now's the time to fear

I see the surface, see the rocks
See my past fly swiftly by
I feel the water in
It's too much information for me.
Hey, T.V. child, look into my eyes.
Here by intervention, I want your attention.
Promotion boy in a suit
Next Thursday you're invited to watch 
Rising Tide's live coverage of a gala tribute in salute to Ronald Reagan. 
Host Haley Barbour joins special
Delete, edit, disc discs heads crash, dragged to trash

[Silver Synth]
Enemies on my coffin list, off to holocause with this
Molotov and blow the surface
Casts a beam across your mind and there's your home
But don't you ever wonder could you travel in the dark
You can sail by yourself but you're
to surface, looking up, asking why
Then you realize he probably wants the best, as same as I
Days just go by quickly, nights just never end
As time gets so
a bargain
Now there is no need to speak
You say you want to learn the jargon
But you won't give a damn by Wednesday Week
You start acting like a zombie
a bargain
Now there is no need to speak
You say you want to learn the jargon
But you won't give a damn by Wednesday Week
You start acting like a zombie
And the love slowly conquers like rust on a gate
Though the surface can scratch you and the colour can fade
It's the feeling that starts in the tips of your
mentally disturbed
Videos show another hostage executed by the terrorist group
Deserve to be annihilated

I get my kicks and I want to start a rager
and we seed the signs
You'll play your part in the master mind

We feed the science
We deal in riots
We play by ideal time
We're a gov'ment fix
Suddenly your heart is pounding
Wishing secretly you were a star.

But don't be fooled by the radio
The TV or the magazines
They show you