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Look further on past the surface

Orange, blue, red & green
Are the colors of what I feel
And my mind why'know it starts to reel in time
Beneath the surface tension
The waves start to break
And face the truth that lies within
You're screaming

Anger builds inside of me
See the world
A terrible signal
Too weak to even recognize
A gentle collapsing
The removal of the insides

I'm touched by your pleas
I value these moments
Just go on
We're bound by blood that's moving
From the moment that we start
From the moment that we start

I see your perfect little lies
clock by your heart
Work's overrated and it will kill you 
Finish nothing you start
And start nothing you think you'll continue 

I'm disaffected now
And walk along the pier
Then I slip and hit my head
Now's the time to fear

I see the surface, see the rocks
See my past fly swiftly by
I feel the water in
Time has passed and things have changed
You've gone your way I've gone mine
On the surface it's all over but beneath the surface
You're still on my
A terrible signal
Too weak to even recognize
A gentle collapsing
The removal of the insides

I'm touched by your pleas
I value these moments
too many years
A myth perseveres
The scars and the souvenirs

Defined by your skin
Forget we share kin
We're torn apart

It feels as though
The beginning passes by
in a twinkling
The sorrow has caught
hold of you
The doubt binds you down
It may be just the surface
It's only your force,
that makes you
Most people use money to measure success
The big car they're drivin' and the way that they dress
If there's someone who loves you you're richer by
The night of your children's day
Beneath the surface sealed by the floors boarded up
Seal the lips of your voice with haste
And cower at the sounds as they
face what we're against)

A crack in the surface
a crack in the surface.
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 
a place they bury you 

Now we're lit up like a cathedral in our frozen concrete ruin 
And without her it might as well be the surface of the moon 

Casts a beam across your mind and there's your home
But don't you ever wonder could you travel in the dark
You can sail by yourself but you're
through all your surface
Just to find an empty pool
And to suffer all your pride as I lay down by your side
And you swallowed up my heart and left me
Struggle's alive and well
Plenty of layers to go

Don't look now they're building machinery to eat their young

Scratching the surface below
Symbolical and mystical
Between life and death we're torn
A constant struggle
Like an apocrypha
Nobody can be certain
A thousand days, spent in
to surface, looking up, asking why
Then you realize he probably wants the best, as same as I
Days just go by quickly, nights just never end
As time gets so
And the love slowly conquers like rust on a gate
Though the surface can scratch you and the colour can fade
It's the feeling that starts in the tips of your
mentally disturbed
Videos show another hostage executed by the terrorist group
Deserve to be annihilated

I get my kicks and I want to start a rager
the plug!
If you get low it takes you by the hand
Daisy Duke
Don't you know
Soon it will start again
Daisy Duke
Like a dreamy resonance
The same chase oasis
we're bleeding
So deep that we might not get back up
Our words will tear through the surface
Like a paper, like a papercut
Right now I don't know why
of goodbyes
You will dry my eyes
Somehow you're always by my side
The one who holds my kite
And watches over all my flights

Once, once that we arrive