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our hearts 
And may joy and true happiness take part 

Christmas ? sometimes I wonder what it?s all about
And though I?ve had my doubts
Maybe that ray
but pity me
My pretty pearl, my joy
How comes it that thou stroll this way?
Sweet maiden tell me true
Before bright phoebus' glittering ray
Has supped
Sometimes baby when you're really down
There just don't seem to be a ray of hope around
And everybody that you meet kinda wears a frown
It's cold
The mighty ray of hope, into the heart of faith
No man can purge himself, no man can save his face
Almighty God on high, save our putrid souls
You are the way,
as a bunny, he tell bout the time he pickin cotton
So it ain't forgottin, hope I don't spoil a nigga rotten
Also, don't discriminate white, he be quite bright,
Morning had just about broken and the wings of tiny birds cut through the rays of the sun casting slithering shadows as they went about their
hope I didn't catch you by surprise
I got a lesson learner fact or fiction swoop through your demise
Open eyes and givin' clear vision the windows broken