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Rainha Do Fado (Amália Rodrigues) · A Rainha Do Fado, Vol. 2: 1951-52 (Amália Rodrigues) · A Rainha Do Fado, Vol. 1 (Amália Rodrigues)

És menina do astro sol
És rainha do mundo mar
Teu luzeiro me faz cantar
Terra, Terra és tão estrelada
O teu manto azul comanda
Respirar toda
da onde estiver
Que eu vou te mostrar que eu to pronta
Me colha madura do pé
Salve, salve essa nega
Que axé ela tem
Te carrego no colo e te dou
split the wiggidy-water

[Chorus: x2]
You intrigued by the way, we do our thing
Do what?
Pick up the mic, hot, and make you swing
Say what?
Pick up
back around
E-40 Water held his ground
Kept my foot in the fast lane
Flew uppidy on mesmerized
'cause I snuck up in up out the game
You makin' a 40
C'mon, let's get
Pop in love
I know you pop-you-lar
Admitted the club
But I just want to toss you up
Before I
Swallow you whole
I need to wash
City in Albuquerque. 
I be the VIP MC on this CD, 
The name's MC Lars Horris, as you can see. 
So where do I start, and where do I begin? 
Yo, it's
co-log- nuh directly into de duo-deenum of de unsuspecting victim! now he gone see if he immune to it by e
A dab hisseff!


Flies all green an'