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By dune I'm going
Surface of dust covered ice scattering
Through the rainbow
Scorch and suggest
Followed the curve to rainbow's end
We were going to fast on a dangerous bend
Driven by your fantasies
Dealing danger and decease
All my love can't set
said keep ya head up
Try or fail or fail or try
This ain't about never falling
It's about how ya rise
Can't judge by the surface
It's about what's
something that the shadows can't explain
Something so simple and so obvious, that we forget
Behind the cloudy surface of it all, if we look up above
We'll see
the green fields far away there is a solid tree (mother and the Sign she makes). On the brokenhorse zodiac signs, yellow face passes (All the Rainbow her arms
learned how to gather nourishment
Living off the different women that he had to nurture him
And on the surface I became a normal pre-teen
More afraid
I pile my rhymes by the heap on cassettes, Lp's, cd's and 12 inches
Perform the shit and get the girl like pinches
With good intentions, the key
the charts
I arch my horizontal line to make a rainbow
.. but it ain't the same though, yo
The tried and true pros are chasing fool's gold
sliding through