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Lady I know there, name of Christina
Six lonely lifetimes since I've seen her
She takes you places your heart cannot go
During the winter up in
over my demeanor
So they stand in line for the wiener
From Christina, Pam, and big booty Jay
The one with Jareeta
And the Louse beauty queen
Oh what a woman what a dame what a beauty 
Baby gotta find out what's ya name and your duty 
That's what I was thinking when you pass me by 
Grimey! If you choose to live by the gun, young one, with hits
Five nine is my height
If I was ever to grow, tell y'all a lil' secret
Nobody got
It's the brown child, better version of the story
Sees Conji, a sister, mother played by Tori
In Astoria, kid named Tiki took the cake
The greens
the I.E. 
Bounce to the beach and meet up with my peach (mwah) 
Christina Aguilera sittin naked by the seas 
Hit her off quick out to see Jessica