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We're the kings of rock now nigga, know-mean? 

Queens Day, cash made on Hollis Ave 
Q-B-O-R-O, nigga, makin niggas seem easy 
Queens Day, cash
Niggaz die for the street glory
Go to trial, get tried for each story
And each nigga got a story
And Q.B. the streets call me
So if you see me slippin',
from Y.O. to Q.B., they bang this shit
Shaolin' boys, they bang them fifths

Thug niggas know the code, lock and load
Hit 'em in the head, watch a nigga
Uhh.. (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Q.B. since 1933 (know dat)
To nine-six (nine-six motherf***er)
Check the s***

Escobar 600
This is what makes me; this is what I am

You can hate me now,(Q.B.) but I won't stop now (real niggas)
Cause I can't stop now, (Bravehearts) you can
Yeah, Lil Jon, Eastside Boyz
P-I-T slash Q-be	-O-N. Get it right baby
From the bottom, to the ATL
Haa! Decatur, Swat, College Park
fucked up, get fucked up
Q motherfucking be (q motherfucking b)
Q motherfucking be (q motherfucking b) and mr. magic
(q motherfucking be, q motherfucking
I've got a ratchet
Oh wow
Comes in handy when
Tightening loose screws
In back of mind

A Q-tip can be a dangerous thing

Circle the lobe
you're butt and it got back to me
Asking a Braveheart to get back your jewelry
You aint from my hood, don't even rep Q.B.
Nature moved to Marcy
Girl, you are so sweet (so sweet)
Say that is what you are (what you are ma)
See me I'm from Q.B. (Q.B.)
And you can be my star (be my
Yo from Y.O. to Q.B. they bang this shit
Shaolin boys they bang them fifths


Fuckin' cops ain't paid up nothin'
Yo you know we
on the deck and bar-be-q their ribs
Throw their heads into your ivy, water them with piss
Do you think you'd like that?
Do ya motherfucker?
so spicy up on bar-be	-q-hill 

Lookin' good, you look so fine
Waiter bring us one more bottle of wine 


I wish lunch could last
This is what makes me; this is what I am

You can hate me now,(Q.B.) but I won't stop now (real niggas)
Cause I can't stop now, (Bravehearts)
and snatch fire outcha
Maggot ass, havoc represent for the Q-B-C
Smoke that ass like a lucie tho I need to quit
Fuck it, I love it like a cloud
who cock suck
niggas who hardly wash up
and they light as paper weight
I guess it's safe to say my hood's got tradition
Q.B. Cobolition, while you
You ain't from my hood, don't even rep q.b.
Nature moved to marcy
Man dick riding Nature, nothing else to say
Man Nature moved to Marcy
Back with ass
see-muthafuckin' Murder, 
Q.B., Gotti, and Mr. Magic 
When we hit 'em we hit 'em hard you heard me

Chorus [Fiend] 2X
Don't cry now
Nigga, don't wine now
[Angie Martinez]
Let's get it on it's Angie Mar' reportin live from the streets
From Y.O. to Philly and Harlem to Q.B.
When it drops it's game over,
Q.B. since 1933
To nine-six nine-six motherfucker
Check the shit

Nine-six, Escobar 600

Check the shit
My mindset, son got wet
I'm vexed really
Yo, this is Nas with my Man DJ Clue

The Professional part two

Puttin' it down for you fake ass DJ's and shit like that

Straight outta Q.B
the infamous, Q.B. houses
Where niggaz stand out all night, and make thousands
What you rep?
(Iraq, where niggaz get buried
 And we fight dirty, and stay

Ten Cadillacs, a diamond mill
Ten suits of clothes to dress to kill
A ten room house, some Bar B Q
And fifty chicks not over twenty-two
the initials? Q-B Jamrock the lyrical officials
Send out the order, laws, and the rituals
Burn candles, say prayers, paint murals
It is truth we big news we hood
stop us, they too scared
They know a caliber thug shoot at heads nigga
Q.B. drop you off at that bridge (bye bye)
Show you how we do it in Queens